CONTEST: Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout Beta Giveaway

Call of Duty Black Ops long awaited take on Fortnight’s Battle Royal mode is launching its private beta September 10th and ends September 14th. Why is Activision launching this anticipated beta on a Monday? Most normal folks have to work or go to school during the week, so who is going to have time to really delve into this? I have a lot of issues with this year’s installment of my favorite franchise, but Activision sucks me in every time with their continued support of everything I do. So, I’m back baby! The kind folks at Activision gave me 10 codes to give away.  Check out my feeble Beta Gameplay and initial Impressions below.

Update – added full Beta Details Included after the break.

Beta Details

  • PlayStation 4:
    • Monday, September 10th at 10 am PT – Monday, September 17th at 10 am PT (PlayStation 4)
  • Xbox One and PC**:
    • Friday, September 14th at 10 am PT – Monday, September 17that 10 am PT (Xbox One, PC)
    • Saturday, September 15th, 10 am PT – Monday, September 17th at 10 am PT (PC Open Beta only)

Contest Rules

  • This contest is open to US Citizens only.
  • The Codes are platform agnostic. Visit, enter the code and select your platform of choice (sorry Switch folks)
  • Visit our Twitter Site – @EclipseMagazine and be one of the first 10 to DM me.
  • Codes will be given to the first 10 people who DM me.

Call of Duty Feeble Gameplay and Impressions Videos

I suck, I’m not a super gamer, so I don’t want to hear any complaints about my feeble gaming. Hit me up on PS4 if you want to frag me. My ID is Mahla.

Final Impressions

General Gameplay