AMC Tyson’s Gets New ETX Screen!

AMC ETX Theater

Times, they are a changing. I’m not quite sure what an ETX Screen is, but it sounds like AMC is taking aim at iMax. AMC Tysons Corner 16 will be opening a new screen this Friday, March 18th, that will be their new ETX screen. ETX stands for Enhanced Theatre Experience. ETX includes a 20-percent larger screen, 3D technology, digital projection and an upgraded sound system. Specifically, the digital projection system produces images at a higher resolution than HD and there are nearly twice as many audio channels compared to typical auditoriums. As a result of this improved experience, guests will not simply watch a movie. They will live it in ETX.

ETX is just one of several ways guests can experience movies and other content at AMC Theatres. ETX represents a different level of sight and sound technology and provides guests an enjoyable out-of-home entertainment experience. Movies shown in this new high-tech, state-of-the-art ETX auditorium will cost between $3 to $4 more depending on the title and format.