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TVonDVD: Life On Mars: Series 2 – Coma Boy, Time Traveller or Nutter?

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When Manchester Detective Chief Inspector Sam Tyler [John Simm] woke up after being struck by a car in 2006, he found himself in the Manchester of 1973, newly assigned to that year’s version of his old station – and bumped down in rank to Detective Inspector. Worse, in the old school world of 1973, his boss was DCI Gene Hunt [Philip Glenister], a cop who used violence and intimidation as often as not in his investigations. Tyler concluded there were three possible explanations for his situation: he was in a coma and dreaming the whole thing; he had actually traveled back to 1973, or had gone mad.

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DVD REVIEW: Life On Mars: Series 1 – The Original Sam Tyler, Time-Travelling Cop!

It’s a reasonably nice day in Manchester in 2006 and Detective Inspector Sam Tyler [John Simm] and his team, which includes his girlfriend Maya [Archie Panjabi] have discovered another victim of a particularly cagey serial killer. When Sam and Maya quarrel about methodology and hunches, Maya stalks off and, following her hunch, is taken by the killer – which leads to Sam being hit by a car and waking up in 1973.

Life on Mars S1 Box

As Sam becomes acclimatized, however unwillingly, to his new environs – and their much earthier methods of policing – he comes to the conclusion that his situation is one of three things: madness; a coma, or actual time-traveling. One thing is for sure: Manchester of 1973 might as well be Manchester of 1953 from the misogynistic, rough & tumble, hunch-following nature of his new boss, Detective Chief Inspector Gene Hunt [Philip Glenister]. Only Women’s Police Constable Annie Cartwright [Liz White] is at all sympathetic to his confusion – Detective Sergeant Ray Carling [Dean Andrews] is outright hostile, and Detective Sergeant Chris Skelton [Marshall Lancaster] has no idea what to make of him.

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