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Joshua Jackson’s Fond Farewell to Fringe!

Prior to last Friday’s lovely series finale for Fringe, Joshua Jackson spoke to a group of journalists/bloggers about the finale and the people he with whom he made the show over the last five seasons. It was a touching experience for those of us who got to be on the conference call (most of us being fans of the show from Day One).

Jackson spoke eloquently about the series and the way the cast and crew became a kind of family over that time – as well as what the series’ place in history might be.

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Fringe: Walter Bishop Says Farewell – John Noble Tells Which Walter Was The Most Fun!

Fox’s cult favorite series Fringe (Fridays, 9/8C) airs its penultimate episode, The Boy Must Live, this evening. Yesterday, John Noble – who plays variations on the theme of Walter Bishop (if you watch regularly, you know what I mean) – took half an hour to speak with us from his home in Australia.

He talked about the fans who’ve kept Fringe on the air long enough for it come to an actual conclusion; he talked about which version of Walter was the most fun to play – and which was the hardest, and he shared with us the reason he thinks that the Fringe finale (airing next Friday with the show’s final two episodes back-to-back) is the perfect ending for the series.

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Fringe: Multi-Talented Guest Star Jill Scott Talks Appearing On One of Her Favorite Shows Tonight!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being one of a group of bloggers/journalists who had the chance to talk with Jill Scott – star of The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, a multiple-platinum selling singer/songwriter and bestselling poet whose last acting gig was as Truvy in Lifetime’s Steel Magnolias – about her role as the intuitive and oracle-like Simone, a character who figures heavily in Olivia’s quest on tonight’s episode of Fringe (Fox, 9/8C), The Human Kind.

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With Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11 Fringe Jumps Into a Miserable future!


Fringe (Fox, Fridays, 9/8C) is the little show that could – empowered by a hardcore fandom that has literally kept it on the air through force of will (and social media). As a result, we have a fifth and final season of thirteen episodes to wrap up one of the most intriguing and unusual shows to ever enjoy a five-season run on network television.

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Fringe: Showrunner J.H. Wyman On The Final Season!

Wyman - Gage Skidmore

The notoriously tight-lipped showrunner of Fox’s Fringe (Fridays, 9/8C), J.H. (Joel) Wyman, took a bit of time from producing the show’s fifth and final season to talk about the challenges of finishing the cult favorite in a satisfying manner – and toss out a few micro-hints about where the story might be going.

He even suggested that there might be a special departure episode, in the tradition of previous seasons’ nineteenth episode weirdness – but wouldn’t say which episode would be the new nineteen, or even how it would be different.

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