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With Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11 Fringe Jumps Into a Miserable future!


Fringe (Fox, Fridays, 9/8C) is the little show that could – empowered by a hardcore fandom that has literally kept it on the air through force of will (and social media). As a result, we have a fifth and final season of thirteen episodes to wrap up one of the most intriguing and unusual shows to ever enjoy a five-season run on network television.

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Fringe’s Jasika Nicole Talks Show’s First Astrid-centric Episode!


Although it was cutting things pretty fine, Jaskia Nicole spoke with the press about her characters’ first feature episode of Fringe [Fox, 10/9C]. The ep was a special challenge because it not only features Astrid and Alt-Astrid from ‘Over There’, but they are onscreen together.

Nicole was excited to talk about the ep and the conference call was a very cheerful affair.

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