Win this Amazing Immortals Prize Pack!!

Ok, we took last week off at Eclipse so no updates. We’re coming back strong this week with lots of exclusive interviews, all our holiday guides and year end lists and contests, lots and lots of contests!  Today we’re kicking off our Holiday contests bonanza with this AMAZING Immortals Prize Pack!  The folks at Immortals are so happy with film’s surprising Box Office take that they want to keep the momentum going and they have given us, probably one of the most extensive Movie Prize Packs we have ever given away!  I actually saw this movie last week and enjoyed the heck out of it. To win is simple – follow us on Twitter at, or like us on facebook at (someday I’ll properly set up our facebook page). Leave a comment on Twitter or facebook.  Send your full name and address to co******@ec*************.com. On Thursday, December 1 we will select one winner at random. Hit the jump for a full list of what’s in this pack!




Prize Pack

The Prize Pack includes –

•  Immortals ‘Gods and Heroes’ Graphic Novel
•  Immortals Branded Temporary Tattoo Scars
•  Immortals Branded T-Shirt
•  Immortals Branded Water Bottle
•  Immortals Branded Bracelet
•  Immortals Branded Foam Helmet
•  Immortals Branded Beanie
•  Immortals Branded Tank Top
•  Immortals Poster
•  Immortals Soundtrack




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  1. Not sure why this movie didn’t receive better reviews. It was exciting and really a change of pace from what we know of Greek mythology.

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