Win a Skype Hangout with Once Upon a Time Star Jennifer Morrison


Fans of Once Upon a Time star Jennifer Morrison here’s your chance to win a Skype hangout with the actress!

Details after the jump!

This fall Morrison is adding Edinburgh theater producer to her repertoire. In a move to raise money and awareness for the plays of Phantom Owl Productions, Jennifer is holding a contest where anyone donating at least $20 on the website will be entered to win a 15 minute Skype hangout Jennifer Morrison herself. If you make additional donations in $20 increments more entries will be added. When making the donation be sure to add ‘JMoSkype’ to the memo and you’re one step closer to your dream hangout.


For those unable to donate at least $20 you’re in luck! All donations are welcome and as long as you post ‘JMoTheater’ in the memo with your donation of any amount you will be entered to win an autographed photo of Jennifer Morrison. Entering both contests is permitted but you must do so by entering separately and entering the appropriate info in the memo. All donations are tax deductible

The contest ends at midnight EST next Wednesday July 7.  For more information about the playwrights involved with Phantom Owl Productions, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the contest make sure to follow Jennifer Morrison on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!