WGN’s Salem Series Finale Tonight!

Salem S3 Finale

Wait, what? No, what? I love WGN’s Salem. I love the cast and producers. Normally I’m not a fan of witchcraft, but the way it’s handled on Salem is some of the best I’ve ever seen. It’s one of those shows that really sucked me in last season, however it’s one of those shows you really have to be in the mood for and I was waiting to carve out some time to give it a proper binge. I’m shocked that the series is actually ending tonight. Where was I when the news that Season 3 would be its last? I’m happy and hopeful that everyone involved will be able to give the show a proper ending.  Tune in tonight, Wednesday, January 25th at 9pm. One guarantee is people will die in really gruesome ways!

WGN America’s supernatural thriller “Salem,” makes its series finale tonight and some will live, many will die, Wednesday, January 25 at 9:00 pm ET/PT.  In “Black Sunday – written by Adam Simon and directed by Brannon Braga (“Star Trek”), Mary Sibley’s journey comes to a thrilling conclusion, as Sebastian and Alden face off to the death, Mary misplaces her trust in Anne and the fates of Tituba, Hathorne, Alden, Mary, The Boy, Mercy, and more are all determined.

 The third season of “Salem” dawns with the triumph of the witches’ plan to remake the New World by bringing the devil to earth and making Salem his capital.  But the devil is a liar, and instead of a New World free from murderous Puritan hypocrisy, his own plan will bring nothing but death and slavery with the ultimate aim of leading humanity to destroy itself.  And there’s only one person on earth who can beat the devil — the very witch that birthed him, his mother, Mary Sibley.  The only problem is—she’s dead.  Or is she?

 From creators and writers Brannon Braga and Adam Simon, “Salem” is a gripping one-hour supernatural drama that boldly re-imagines the infamous 17th century witch trials in colonial Massachusetts in a world where witches are real, but they are not who or what they seem.  The series stars Janet Montgomery (“Human Target,” “Made in Jersey”), Shane West (“Nikita,” “ER”), Seth Gabel (“Arrow,” “Fringe”), Ashley Madekwe (“Revenge”), Tamzin Merchant (“Jane Eyre”), Elise Eberle (“The Astronaut Farmer”) and Iddo Goldberg (“Mob City”).  New to the cast of “Salem” this season are Grammy-awarded nominated artist Marilyn Manson and Samuel Roukin (“TURN: Washington’s Spies”).

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