VIDEO GAME NEWS: Guitar Hero 5 Coming this fall

Guitar Hero 5

The folks at Activision need to “slow their roll” because they are killing the Guitar Hero franchise with all of these releases. How many does Guitar Hero 5 make it? 4 or 5 different titles in 4 months? None of them compatible with each other? Let’s see we have Guitar Hero: Metallica which came out last month, Guitar Hero: Smash Hits which is coming next month, Guitar Hero: Van Halen, and now Guitar Hero 5, It’s ridiculous! Stop the Monkeys!! We want this stuff to be DLC, darnit! Guitar Hero 5 will let you string up to 4 Drumsets, why anyone would want to do this is beyond me. But it’s there. The game will include master tracks from 85 of the hottest bands of today and the biggest classic acts including; Kings of Leon, The Rolling Stones, The White Stripes, Santana, Vampire Weekend, Tom Petty, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, plus more than 25 artists from a variety of music genres that will be making their music video game debut.

Guitar Hero 5 Drums

Among the first-time-ever features of Guitar Hero 5 are: Party Play, where players can jump in or drop out of gameplay seamlessly; RockFest, a comprehensive competitive experience available featuring five new head-to-head modes playable online or in your living room; and the ability to play the entire set-list from the first time the game is turned on. Guitar Hero 5 refines the player experience, enhances the art style and redesigns core features such as GHMusic StudioSM, making it the most accessible, fun-to-play and authentic experience for seasoned music gamers as well as first-time players. New innovations such as Band Moments, where bands are rewarded for hitting special note streams together and song challenges where gamers are tasked to play through a song a specific way, add a new competitive layer of excitement and accomplishment to the music rhythm genre.