Twitter and Vine Apocalypse Coming to Theaters!


I think everyone can agree with me that 70 percent of the time watching a film on the big screen is a horrible experience. Between dirty theaters with ridiculously expensive prices – even on Matinees, sticky floors, poor projection quality (although, that hasn’t been as bad lately) and rude people who won’t turn off their phones and iPads there’s very little incentive for people to go.  Now there’s one more incentive not to go Twitter and Vine are coming to a theater near you.

Twitter and theater advertising firm National CineMedia are working to create a 1 minute pre-show that features movie and news powered by Vine and Twitter feeds. Presumably this will play before a film begins and probably be part of those 20 minute First Look style shows. In theory this doesn’t sound too awful, but I just think it’ll probably subtly encourage people to tweet during the film.