TV Recap: Colony Season 2 Starts Slow, but Promises to be Good

COLONY — “Preoccupation” Episode 201 — Pictured: Peter Jacobson as Proxy Alan Snyder — (Photo by: Isabella Vosmikova/USA Network)

Ok, I generally like to wait a season before I commit to recapping a show. I binge watched Colony over the holidays, so now I’m into it. In case you didn’t know Colony is basically V-The Miniseries without the aliens being at the forefront. It’s an alien invasion story without the aliens. It asks the question what would people do under these circumstances. Do you become a collaborator or try and resist? If you resist how do you do it? Season 2 returned to USA Network this week. At the end of the season everyone was left in a precarious place at the end of last season I’m pretty curious to see where season 2 is going. Colony airs on USA Network Thursday nights at 10pm.

Video Review

Episode 201 begins in a weird place. It goes back to the very beginning and we get a glimpse at what life was like before the colonization. Will (Josh Holloway) is an FBI agent and having issues with his partner Devon (Carolyn Michelle Smith). We meet briefly meet their son Charlie. Some mystery men approach Alan (Peter Jacobson) to offer him a job he didn’t apply for. They tell him that their company is exclusive and they already researched him, they even know that he was embezzling funds from his employers.

Will tells Devon that he’s requesting a transfer off the taskforce. She’s upset that he’s accusing her of being dirty without being direct and letting her defend herself. She wants to talk about it, while he doesn’t. They are called into FBI Headquarters because a bunch of VIPS went missing.

COLONY — “Somewhere Out There” Episode 202 — Pictured: Josh Holloway as Will Bowman — (Photo by: Isabella Vosmikova/USA Network)

After meeting his potential employees Alan is scared. They tell him he can only take one person with him and they choose his daughter. Broussard returns home and then goes to Katie’s (Sarah Wayne Callies) bar. Will realizes something is wrong and makes plans to escape with his family. Devon tells Will that something is going on and that they need to get out of there.

In the last 5 minutes it does a weird segue into the present where we see Will searching for Charlie and tries to find the mysterious Solomon. Clearly Solomon is going to end up being Devon, otherwise this entire Ep would truly be pointless. Katie meets Bram in jail. She tells him she can’t get him out of trouble. This


This is a short recap because honestly nothing really happened in this premiere. Frankly it’s a horrible way to begin a new season it was painfully slow and didn’t provide any new information.

I think the producers hoped that by going back to the beginning they could bring new viewers on board and then dive right into present day in Ep 2. However, for folks who watched the first season, this episode was annoying and unnecessary. Especially if they aren’t going to invest in special effects and show us the actual attack.

They talked about colonization day a lot in Season 1, we know all of this information and didn’t need to see it, especially not as a S2 premiere episode. The time for this episode was at the beginning of or midway through the first season.

Season 1 was a very slow build, but once it all came together it made the journey worthwhile. Season 2 isn’t a time where you hit a reset button. Luckily I’ve seen the first 4 eps and can tell you the season kicks it into gear in ep 2.

Episode Grade – C