TV Recap: 90210 Episode 2.6 Wild Alaskan Salmon


Let’s dive right into the re-cap.  The show opens with Silver telling Kelly about Jackie Dieing.  Kelly’s response is that she doesn’t care. Annie is making time with Jasper – Beady Eyed Boy (B.E.B.). Jen hits Naomi up for $100,000 to supposedly hire a divorce lawyer.  Adrianna breaks up with Navid saying she needs time along. Poor Navid, when he’s not obsessing about sleeping with Adrianna he’s the only character I currently like on this show.  This is a strong opening for this week’s installment, let’s hope they can keep it up for the rest of the episode.

Adrianna is rocking the white G1 when she texts Teddy. Hope she backs up her contacts – just saying.  Jen hangs out with Ryan and complains about Naomi.  Anne’s creepy Sext guy Mark warns her about B.E.B. being psycho. Jeez, one Psycho talking about another, Annie really knows how to pick them.  They have destroyed her character this season. They might as well kill her off at this point. Despite Kelly telling her to stay away from Jackie, Silver goes to see her. She has 3 months to live and asks Silver to move back home. Poor Jackie. I’m officially sick to death of these constant Stepfather commercials.


Harry volunteering to be Ryan’s Wingman was funny.  Kelly tells Jackie to leave Silver alone. Part of the reason I do not like this season of 90210 is I’m forced to watch it live and all the commercials are just irritating. That round was less than 5 minutes. It’d be one thing if they showed different commercials, but a lot times it’s the same darn 2 or 3 every freaking break (Vampire Diaries, Stepfather and that stupid Vampire Movie), 30 minutes into this week’s episode and I’ve seen those commercials twice! Not mention they aired them during the News at least 2 or 3 times. It’s driving me mad!


How dumb is Annie? She’s going to hang out with Mark after the way he treated her? You know that’s not going to go well. Naomi gives Jen the money. I’m really tired of Naomi they need to do something with her character and do it fast. Adrianna put the moves on Teddy and he tells her that he’s not a relationship guy.  Harry and Ryan hanging out at the bar is good fun. This is what 90210 needs, more levity and stop being so serious and mean all the time.   Hey how about that another commercial for The Stepfather – that’s 3 in 40 freaking minutes. I ask again, why is it The CW Network NEVER airs promos for Supernatural or Smallville?

Silver is upset that Kelly went to Jackie.  Jen uses Naomi’s money to purchase a horse. Adrianna cries to Naomi who tells her that she can easily fix her relationship with Navid. She’s completely unsympathetic.  Once again Annie gets drunk with Mark, when will she learn? B.E.B. comes to Annie’s rescue. The ending was weird after Dixon shows up at Sasha’s where they go hot and heavy. B.E.B wrecks Mark’s car after he told Annie, Mark made up the knife story. Navid finally grows a pair and tells Adrianna to go scratch when she tries to make up with him. He found out she kissed Teddy. Silver moves in with Jackie.

Episode Comments

For the first time this season I actually enjoyed 90210. This was a pretty strong episode it’s still relies too heavily on the Drama, but there was less meanness this week, more heart and good funny moments with Harry and Ryan. It still feels like this season is moving at a snails pace though, I’m tired of the Jen and Naomi story and the no one likes Annie thread. I also really hope they don’t have Kelly and Harry have an affair.

Episode Grade B
EM TV Recap
By Michelle Alexandria
Original Airdate 10.13.09

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  1. "Harry and Ryan hanging out at the bar is good fun." — really? I couldn't make it through that scene…fastforwarded right through, even when the bartender gave the geeky teacher her digits. And you know Kelly and the Principal are heading to the sack. Any more 90210 alum making a comeback?

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