TV Recap: 90210, Episode 2.5 Environmental Hazards

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Another thrilling install of 90210 without preamble let’s dive into the ReCap of Episode 2.5 Environmental Hazards. This week’s Episode opens with a good pre-credit string of activities – Navid is funny as the new non-virgin guy. Silver sees Jackie at Adrianna’s AA meeting and Dixon gets busted by Sasha, Naomi gets told she can’t go to her dream school and Liam wimps out can’t play Naomi the voicemail. All of this in the first five minutes, good start to the episode

After the break Liam gets his phone taken in class by Ryan so you know at some point he’s going to find out the truth and probably for some dumb reason delete the message. The mean girls try and cheer up Naomi and convince her to fight for admission to her dream school. I’m starting feel like I’m watching last year’s Gossip Girl. Ryan catches Liam going through his desk searching for his phone and flips out. What happened to cool guy Ryan from last year? Oh right, some student accused him of inappropriate contact and he had a relationship with Kelly which is enough to turn any man crazy. So I can absolutely understand him turning into an Assclown, but really, is anyone happy in Beverly Hills?

Dixon tries to win Sasha back and she tells him to get lost. Silver comes home to find a brand new car and a letter from Jackie. Annie is hanging out with Beady Eye boy who invites her to see a band called The Script. Naomi becomes a radical environmentalist to try and convince her dream school people that she’s into extracurricular activities. The head of the club is of course a "cute" guy – can already see where this goes. Hey how about that, nice guy Mr. Ryan comes through for Liam. Silver shows up at Jackie’s AA meeting. Teddy sets up a double date with him and Navid. Adrianna gets jealous of Teddy’s date and they end up making out again by the bathroom. I’m surprised Naomi isn’t upset that Navid told everyone they slept together.

Naomi meets another dream guy at California University who just happens to be roommates with the environmental guy. Dixon sees Sasha at The Script’s show. I want Annie and Dixon back together, I know siblings fight when they get into High School but their total lack of communication is getting ridiculous. Silver destroys Jackie at an AA meeting. Again, Jesus, there is no one that’s likable on this show. Sasha and Dixon make up at the end – yeah this is real believable a 20+ year old woman (who looks like she’s 30) is going to date a 16 year old high school boy. Liam deletes Jen’s confession. Silver finds out Jackie is dying.

Full Cast list for this episode is here.

Episode Comments

I liked this week’s episode and had high hopes but after a strong start it felt really slow and more like a transition episode. I’m really rooting for it to turn around but it’s just spinning its wheels and doesn’t have any sense of urgency. The previews for Next week’s episode look promising.

Episode Grade C

TV Recap by
Michelle Alexandria
Posted 10.06.09