The Beatle Who Changed: HBO Presents Martin Scorsese’s George Harrison: Living in the Material World

Harrison Poster

Of all The Beatles, George Harrison was The Mysterious One. Quiet, seemingly shy – and yet, innovative. While the others were taking American blues, rock and pop in interesting new directions, it was George who came up Don’t Bother Me on the first Beatles album – a song that played with Moroccan rhythms in a new way and let the world know that he was not just The Quiet One who played the tastiest lead guitar of the sixties and seventies [sought out by no less than the supergroup, Cream, for a memorable solo on one of their biggest hits]: he was special in a way that differed from the others in the band.

Harrison, who went on to found a premiere movie studio, have a resoundingly successful career as a solo artist and make a profound impact on the world’s spiritual consciousness, led a life that makes most overachievers look like layabouts – and now that life is examined by one of the world’s great filmmakers.

On October 5th and 6th, HBO will present to Martin Scorsese’s two-part documentary George Harrison: Living in the Material World – examining the life of one of the most influential men of the twentieth century. Check out the trailer following the jump.