The Airplane Boys: Where You’ve Been brings a different tone to hip-hop

The Airplane Boys dropped their mixtape “Where’ve You Been” on May 4th, 2011 and since then, their music has been gaining attention. Their mixtape is full of exciting new sounds with experimental synths and drum beats that help breathe new life into the hip-hop genre. Here’s the track listing:

1. Weon
2. Sleep
3. Night Flight
4. Born To Be
5. Maybe
6. Escape
7. Ice Age
8. La Rude, Lord of the Flies
9. Gold Ribbons
10. Yesterday’s Dove
11. Party & Bullshit
12. Gorgeous Flaws

The Airplane Boys: Where You’ve Been is not a question but a statement to represent the ride of self-discovery Beck Motley and Bon Voyage have been on and the lessons they have learned. The “Where You’ve Been” mixtape was executively produced by Illangelo and was released through Stampede Management. “Where You’ve Been” is unlike anything I’ve heard before.  From the very beginning of “Weon” to the final track “Gorgeous Flaws”, “Where You’ve Been” takes the listener on an exciting musical trip and will introduce them to a new stylistic version of beats, bass, and inspring synthesizers.

After listening to “Where You’ve Been” for the first time, I was strongly attached to songs like “Sleep”, “Born To Be” and “Maybe”.

But after playing the mixtape several times, I began to realize that each song compliments each other. “Where You’ve Been” is not a mixtape where the listener can like only one or several songs, it’s either the individual likes every individual song or they don’t. I also have to add if the individual doesn’t like “Where You’ve Been” right away, it should be given the chance to grow on you to where you can enjoy what you’re listening to.

I enjoyed “Where You’ve Been” right away and appreciated all the hard work Beck Motley and Bon Voyage have put into their songs. I found all their songs and sounds very creative and hope to hear more original sounds from The Airplane Boys. With that said, my rating for The Airplane Boys: Where You’ve Been is: A

The Airplane Boys: Where You’ve Been can be downloaded for Free on and The Airplane Boys can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube as well. If you missed my two previous articles about The Airplane Boys, those can be viewed here: and