TELEVISION NEWS: American Idol Top 4 Rocks the House

American Idol Top 4

American Idol was hot tonight. This is all I’ve been asking for the last ten weeks – fun! And it took Rock night to give it to us.  It started with really liked the duet with Kris Allen and Danny Gokey – for the first time Kris Allen showed a lot of personality and Danny didn’t annoy me.  I was confused at first (because I wasn’t really paying attention to Idol tonight) so I when I looked up and saw the duet I was like, huh? Whaa? But it worked really well.  Simon’s comment about Danny being better ticked me off – Simon just can’t help pushing Danny no matter how ridiculous he sounds.

I’m thoroughly convinced that if people didn’t actually watch Adam perform and just listen to the vocals everyone would hate him just as much as I do. I wasn’t paying attention in the beginning and thought he sucked, but then when I actually watched him it was like “Wow” he’s awesome. He did work that Zepplin song and was kicking it in the Elvis black leather. Judges ate it up with a spoon and was ready to anoint Adam right, then and there.

Allison Iraheta does a nice passable version of Cry Cry Baby, it’s the perfect song choice for her voice but she didn’t nail it like you would think. The judges were all “meh,” about it and thought she should have picked Piece of my Heart.
Kris’ second song of the night was the Beatles Come Together, wasn’t that great but it wasn’t horrible either. Simon said it was like Eating Ice for Lunch. I do love the Simon metaphors but he goes along way to make his “Eating Ice” one make sense.

Danny Goky picks Dream On for his song which is a perfect song choice for him because it gives him another chance to completely suck in the first ½ of a song and then close with a good loud scream. He won me over with his Duet but he’s terrible and drunk Paula is eating it up with a spoon. Doesn’t matter what the Judges say, we know they will praise it to heaven. Oh hey, Randy didn’t like it. Kara didn’t like it. Paula didn’t like it. Wow, for the first time the Judges didn’t like it. Simon said the last note was like watching a “Horror” movie. Wow, I’m shocked, shocked, the judges were honest. But of course Simon has to say, “I still think you are going to be safe.” I told you he can’t help it, Danny must have some sort of Blackmail material on Simon.  We know Adam is a Randy Jackson plant – according to Adam actually recorded a song for one of Randy’s reality TV shows.

Here are my grades –

  • Adam Lambert – A
  • Allison Iraheta– B
  • Danny and Kris – A
  • Kris Allen – B-
  • Danny Gokey – C-
  • Adam and Allison Duet – A-

Overall Show – A

What I’d love to see is a shocker and have it be a Kris Allen and Alison showdown for the finals.  With that said, by all rights Danny should be going home but I think Kris is going home this week.  But this has been the best Idol show all season they brought the fun back. It was entertaining, fast paced, lots of energy and good vibes. Wasn’t depressing like usual.