TELEVISION: Michelle’s American Idol Recap


Ah, it’s Tuesday night and time for the train wreck known as American Idol. As I said in a previous post, I watch Idol in the hopes that there will be that one special moment that wows me. I’m not holding my breath for it, but I’m hope springs eternal. They really are desperate for mentors this season, I mean QT a few weeks ago and Jamie Foxx? Yeah I get that he’s a classically trained Julliard Musician, he’s been in three “Musicals,” and I’ll acknowledge that he is accomplished (I even saw him at the Cinerama Dome once going into the gym) but it still seems weird that he’s the one giving advice. I really miss my DVR, I’m going to have to hook up my TIVO – I did bring it with me. First up is Kris Allen whose blandness is kind of growing on me. 

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Does a boring ballad, I’m shocked. I know this song, but I don’t know the name – Somewhere? He’s really good, but again it’s just bland in the beginning but has a really nice big band middle. Randy and his darn “He’s in it to win it.” Randy that phrase is not going to take off, “dawg.” Kara loved it Simon thought it was good, but not as good as the other judges and thought it was a bit wet. Said it was like taking a well trained spaniel for a walk and said he didn’t think Kris could win this competition. Simon has the two that he wants in the finals and no matter what happens he’s going to try  get Gokey and Lambert there. But he is right, it was a good but safe performance.  My grade B

Allison Iraheta

I don’t get the Allison thing and I’m tired of everyone saying, “And she’s only 16!” “For 16 she’s so mature…” blah, blah. Is doing one of my all time favorite songs, “Someone to Watch Over Me.”  Jamie is giving her really great advice. Wow, she’s really good, killed it. I have to be like Simon and applaud. Great vocal.  No reason the judges shouldn’t go gaga over this.  Judges do love it. Both Kara and Randy had to bring in the age thing.  Simon asked her if she “thought she could win this competition,” and “Simon said it felt mechanical and that she was in trouble.”  Come on Simon jump off the Gokey train and give someone else a chance! Sheesh.  My grade A

Matt Giraud


I like Matt, but it’s the Justin Timberlake vibe and that stupid hat of his that puts me off.  He’s going to do My Funny Valentine. This is a decent vocal but snooze inducing, do any of these Idols know how to have fun? Do anything uptempo? I mean really, I just want one upbeat song in one of these one hour installments, is that too much to ask for?  This was decent, but really safe performance. Randy said it was a little pitchy and didn’t come together for him, gave it a 6 out of 10.  Kara said she didn’t feel he was emotionally connected to the song. Paula loved it (does she hate anything?). Simon disagrees with Randy and thought it was the only authentic, believable performance and he was brilliant. My grade C

Danny Gokey



The contestant I hate the most is going to do Come Rain or Shine. Jamie Foxx again giving great advice, so I have to give him his props. Love Gokey’s look and the big band on the stage. But again this is a luke warm, boring performance with a couple of ok moments – the ending was really strong and that’s what Danny does, bores you for the first part of a song and gives a strong close. But ultimately I think it will be forgettable. But regardless the judges will go gaga over it. My grade C+.


Adam Lambert


I’m officially on the Adam Lambert bandwagon, I hate him as a singer, but at least he’s different, out there and seems like he’s having fun.  This new Fox show Glee looks really awesome but I sort of have this blanket policy never to give any new Fox program a chance until it makes it to a 2nd city.  Adam is doing Feeling Good. Ok, he’s going to be cocky Flamebert tonight so it’ll at least be interesting and entertaining.  He’s killing in this kick butt white suit. He’s just in a whole different league than everyone else. I still don’t like his voice but he has that “It” factor and “swagger” that the judges have been harping on all night. Randy said it was too broadway and out there. Kara said it was shocking and out there, over the top. Simon said Randy’s comment about Lambert being theatrical is like complaining about a cow going “Moo.”  My grade A

Tonight’s show was pretty decent, I’m just tired of all the safe, sappy ballads. As Randy would say, “Come on, bring the fun. Act like you want to win this thing.” I think Matt is finally getting the hook tomorrow night. Although, I’d love it if Gokey went.  I complained in the beginning but Jamie was great tonight gave really good advice, which I think they took.


This morning I posted one of Adam’s more flamboyant gay moments for his photo that wasn’t meant to be some political statement, I just thought it was funny and typified who Adam was (not Gay, but completely over the top). But people are take things way too seriously and I was emailed a bunch of well reasoned arguments why it wasn’t fair. You see contrary to popular belief if I get enough well thought out arguments I’ll make minor changes.  So I changed his picture to make Adam just as bland and boring as all the other contestants.

3 thoughts on “TELEVISION: Michelle’s American Idol Recap”

  1. Just like Bill O'Reilly, you compliment the guy and then use subversive propaganda by using the pictures.

  2. I think if u want to put a photo of one contestant from his pre-idol than you should do it with the other four (whether subversive or not)
    Matt in the club doing his gigs, Alli in telemundo, Danny at his wife funeral, Kris at the wedding, Matt in uni studying jazz, Kris with his band, Danny with the church, you choose. But if you put the pics of the other four while they're performing on AI, you should do that to Adam as well
    Be funny with all the contestant, well unless if your intention is bashing one of the contestant, well u're doing it right then… my mistake…
    Appaling, really…

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