TELEVISION: American Idol Recap (04.28.10)

It’s another elimination night.  33 million votes were cast last night and another IDOL hopeful is about to go home!  Who will it be?  I predicted Big Mike is going.  But we shall see.  Shania Twain was the mentor last night and tonight it’s pure country with Rascal Flatts and Lady Antebellum performing.  Shakira performing too!  Not sure how that fits into the country theme.  In any case, it’s time to get on with the show, so all of you who haven’t seen the show should stop reading now.

We open up with a group performance, but a great group performance…Rascal Flatts!  Whew!  I am not in the mood for a group song tonight.  They sing their hit song “Unstoppable.”  I’m not a huge country fan, but Rascal Flatts is pretty darn good.

After the break, we get a behind the scenes look at the IDOLS dressing as vampires.  I am assuming this is for a FORD commerical.  It’s really just a time filler and there it is…the FORD commercial. 

More time filler… Ryan sends the IDOLS to meet with the director of the new Shrek movie.  He’s in it.  The IDOLS get to see how voices are put into films.  AND WHY ARE WE SEEING THIS???  Who cares if they see “Shrek Forever After?”  Another commercial.  Ugh.  When the clip is over, Ryan then interviews Cameron Diaz and Antonio Bandares.  OMG!  Will it not end?

Finally…eliminations…  Ryan forms three groups of two.

Siobhan Magnus  is in the first group.

Aaron Kelly is in the second group.

Michael Lynche is in the third group. 

Lee DeWyze is in the group with Siobhan.

Casey James is in the group with Michael Lynche.

Crystal Bowersox is in the group with Aaron Kelly.

Ryan asks Siobhan to move over to Casey and Mike’s group.  He announces they are in the bottom three.  Crystal, Aaron and Lee are safe!

After the break, Ryan announces that next week’s mentor is Harry Connick, Jr. and the theme is Songs of Sinatra.  Then Carrie Underwood appears to introduce the group, Sons of Silvia.  They, like Carrie, are young country…that’s country with a rock edge!  They’re not bad!!!

After the break, another muscial performance, this time by Lady Antebellum and their hit song, “Need You Now.”  Great song.

A commercial break and then Rascal Flatts and Shakira perform.  Ryan gets a little nasty… in the intro he says, “She apparently just arrived,” referring to Shakira.   I just don’t like Shakira.  She sounds like a goat to me.  Never liked her.  Her hips don’t lie and neither do I.

After the song, Ryan chats with Mike and then reveals that once again, Mike is safe.  DAMN!!  Either Siobhan or Casey is going home.

Another commercial break and then the elimination.  Siobhan or Casey?  Going home tonight is…Siobhan Magnus!!!!  WOW!  Big mistake.  She deserves to stay.  Wow!!!

That’s another week.  Next week, Connick and Sinatra.  Until then…