Television: American Idol Re-cap 01.26.2010

American Idol Guest Judge: Katy Perry


*City:  Los Angeles, CA

*Celebrity Judge:  Avril Lavigne/Katy Perry (No, she didn’t kiss a girl)

*Number of Contestants: 11,000

*Name to Remember:  Tasha Layton, the minister with the voice of an angel

*The One You Hope To Forget:  Jason Greene, the flirtish singer who touches himself

*Most Heart Warming Story:  Chris Golightly, the foster kid with the voice.  

*Quote of the Night:  Katy Perry:  “Are they searched for weapons?” after Austin Fullmer’s freakish audition.


NEIL GOLDSTEIN, 19, Redlands, CA  — We begin tonight with Neil who has an IQ of 168.  So you think he would know that he can’t sing, but I guess not.  You can just look at Neil and know this is not going to go very well.  He’s a self-proclaimed geek who just wants to perform.  Lord help us!  Actually, Lord help Neil because he can’t even remember the words.  Neil.  Neil.  Neil.  That’s okay, what little that did come out of his mouth was bad.  The worst part is that Neil doesn’t realize how bad he is.  Really bad.  Ugh, time for a commercial.


JIM RANGER, 27, Bakersfield, CA – Jim is a pastor in his church, a husband and father and a songwriter.  He auditions with an original song which is never a good idea, by the way, but in this case, it was.  He’s pretty damn good.  Not sure he is good enough to last, but this hippee looking dude has pipes.  He’s the first pick to go to Hollywood even though guest judge Avril Lavigne gives him a no.

DAMIEN LEFAVOR, 26, Seattle, WA – You just get the feeling Damien is going to be bad when he starts talking about his love of karate.  Not his love of music, but his love of karate.  We’re about to get kicked in the gutt I think.  {pause}  yeah, I was right.  He’s horrible.  He’s so bad, they don’t even vote.  Next.


MARY POWERS, 28, Burbank, CA – Mary has an 8-year-old daughter and a rocker look.  Her daughter loves Simon because “he’s the negativity part” – the daughter’s quote, not Mary’s.  Anyhow, Mary sings Pat Benetar’s “Love Is A Battlefield.”  Simon thinks her look is clichéd, but Avril loves the raspiness of her voice.  With 4 YES votes, she sails through and her daughter gets to meet Simon.

AJ MENDOZA, 20, Upland, CA – AJ is a Adam Lambert wannabe.  He dresses the part, but can he sing the part.  He says Glambert told him yes after hearing his demo one day.   After hearing AJ sing, I think the Glambert was being nice.  Wow!  I don’t even want to heaJr that on a demo.  All the judges pass.

So after four singers, we are done with Day 1 in LA.  That’s it???  Not a good sign.


Day 2 begins and singer Katy Perry replaces Avril Lavigne.

AUSTIN  FULLMER, 19, Glendale, CA  — Austin says there’s never been anyone like him on American Idol and he’s the type of person to bring people on stage.  He also doesn’t care if people touch him.  Yeah, this is gonna be bad, ya’ll.   Sure enough.  It’s so bad Katy Perry can’t close her mouth.  I think Austin is channeling his inner Mick Jagger.  Austin thinks music is his person in life so, of couse, he argues with the judges when they try to boot him.  With four NO votes, he’s gone.  In his post interview, he’s shocked b/c Katy and Kara loved him.  What audition was he in?


We begin with a montage of people crying after being rejected.  It’s kind of funny actually.

The we meet ANDREW GARCIA, 23, Moreno Valley, CA — We see him talking about his son and how it feels to be a dad.  We know he’s going to be good.  He sings Maroon 5’s “Sunday Morning.”    Simons calls him “a genuninely, genuinely good singer.”  That, he is.  With four YES votes, he gets to drive a few miles to Hollywood.


TASHA LAYTON, 26, Granada Hills, CA — Tasha is a personal assistant by day and a minister by night.  She attempts Joss Stone’s “Baby, Baby, Baby” and attempts it well.  Great voice and great tone.  Katy says, “I just love a Southern bell” and so do I.  Four YES votes and to Hollywood Tasha goes.

JASON GREENE, 21, Los Angeles, CA — Just based on his interview I am going to say I am scared of Jason.  He says he is winning a golden ticket bc he has talent and he “believes in magic.”  Alrighty then.  Those sexy gazes at the camera don’t help either.  Of course, he sings The Divynl’s classic hit, “I Touch Myself.”  The only thing I am touching is the remote and the mute button.  Sheesh.  With a twirl of his hair, he walks out of the room. 


 CHRIS GOLIGHTLY, 25, Los Angeles, CA — Chris is a foster kid.  It’s the only life he’s ever known.  He says he’s had more than 25 families in his life and honestly folks, that makes me really sad.  Of course, the sadder the story, the better the singer.  He sings “Stand By Me” and his voice is simply amazing.  For some reason, Katy and Simon, arent’ really feeling it, but they give him small Y’s… but he also gets two big Y’s and off to Hollywood he goes.

And that’s all from Los Angeles…  Next stop, DALLAS, ya’ll!

Until then… Mendheim Out!