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Suicide Squad Kills It with Characters; Almost Dies of Incoherence

Suicide Squad is a story of anti-heroes. “The worst of the worst” as director Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) describes them—a woman who self-admittedly specializes in “getting people to act against their own self-interests.” When Waller perceives a gap in her nation’s ability to address threats from meta-humans (i.e. individuals with extraordinary abilities like being able […]

Comic-Con 2016: Conan Announces Guests!

CONAN will have a lineup of big names during the talk show’s run at Comic-Con. Will Smith, Margo Robbie, Jared Leto and the Cast of Suicide Squad, The Stars of Game Of Thrones and Silicon Valley and Weird Al Yankovic are among the guests announced today. Conan O’Brien returns to Spreckles Theatre for his Comic-Con run – […]

Movie News: Academy Award Diversity Issues, Preview Reviews for Suicide Squad and Term Life

On this week’s episode of GeekScholars Movie News, the hosts begin by playing ‘Never Tell Me the Odds’ addressing the probability that: The Academy Awards’ new rules will affect diversity The Big Short will win Best Picture The delay of Star Wars: Episode VIII will affect its performance Another Terminator movie gets made The GeekScholars close out the show with Preview […]