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The Magicians: Twenty Blank Pages!

The penultimate episode of The Magicians: Season Two (Syfy, Wednesdays, 10/9C) finds Eliot banished from Fillory; Quentin and Julia have broken Alice’s shade out of Underworld; Josh found himself high-fiving an Eliot who was suddenly not there); King Idri and a good many Fillorians are rats, and Senator Gaines has reached his limit with his […]

The Magicians: Almost Magical!

Syfy’s The Magicians (Mondays, 9/8C) is adapted from the bestselling trilogy by Lev Grossman. It follows Quentin Coldwater and his best friend Julia as they discover that magic exists and while one is accepted into a hidden magic school and the other is not. Essentially, series creators Sera Gamble and John McNamara are approaching the […]

Magically Modern Trailer: The Magicians!

Syfy’s The Magicians, based on Lev Grossman’s The Magicians Trilogy, has released a pretty cool trailer. Set in the present, the story follows Quentin Coldwater who discovers and enrolls in the secret Brakebills College for Magical Pedagogy in upstate New York. Check out that pretty cool trailer after the jump. Season one of The Magicians […]

Abracadabra! The Magicians Ordered By Syfy!

Syfy has announced a big one. The network has greenlit The Magicians, a modern epic fantasy based on the trilogy of novels by Lev Grossman. The series stars Jason Ralph (above) as Quentin Coldwater, a graduate student who enrolls in  Brakebills College for Magical Pedagogy and, along with his classmates, discovers the magic they’re talking about – the […]

Syfy Greenlights The Magicians Pilot!

Syfy is attempting something that one of the Big Four couldn’t do – adapt Lev Grossman’s best selling fantasy The Magicians for TV. Prime Suspect’s John McNamara will write the script with Supernatural’s Sera Gamble. The one-hour drama series would follow a group of twentysomethings who, while studying magic in New York City, discover that […]

Supernatural Panel at Paley Festival, Part III

The Supernatural Panel at the prestigious Paley Festival was truly an entertaining and informative event.  Kudos must also be given to the moderator of the afternoon’s festivities, Maureen Ryan, lead critic of AOL’s TV Squad.  She kept the discussion flowing, gave all the panelists equal opportunities to answer questions, and came prepared with knowledgeable, in-depth, […]