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Preacher – Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper) – Photo by Alfonso Bresciani/Courtesy of AMC/Sony Pictures Television.

One of television’s most off-the-wall dramas, AMC’s Preacher will return for its third season on Sunday, June 24th (10/9C).

Check out a couple more first look photos below.


Preacher Hits The Road Again In Second Season Finale!

Preacher – Young Jesse (Will Kindrachuk)- Photo by Michele K. Short/Courtesy of AMC.

Preacher (AMC, Mondays, 9/8C) has been all over the map in terms of following the story as set out in the comics – lots of changes, big and small, have made it as fresh for fans of the comics as for newcomers to the story.

One of the show’s most interesting facets is how it sometimes nails moments from comics exactly – and there are a few such moments in the second season finale.

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Preacher: Variations on the Theme of Consequences!

 Preacher:Season 2, Episode 8: Holes – Joseph Gilgun as Cassidy – Photo Credit: Michele K. Short/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Preacher (AMC, Mondays, 9/8C) goes into Cassidy’s backstory; Tulip takes steps to get over her night terrors and Jesse seeks digital forensics help to decipher possible clues on the God audition on this week’s episode, Holes.

Although Preacher kind of follows the bones of the graphic novels on which it’s based, it rarely follows the same path, story-wise. This week is no different.

While Jesse (Dominic Cooper) finally decides to take Cassidy’s (Joseph Gilgun) advice and see if DorkDocs can help find a clue on the DVD of the God audition, Tulip (Ruth Negga) buys a new fridge and is removing evidence of the Saint of Killers’ presence by going through the neighboring apartments and fixing the holes in their walls.

In Hell, Eugene (Ian Colletti) learns there’s a price to pay for being nice and it’s much, much worse than he could ever have imagined. Worse, the warden knows that someone in her cell block doesn’t belong there – and Hitler (Noah Taylor) warns him about what happens to people who don’t belong.

The main arc, though, is Cassidy’s dealing with his son’s impending death and remembering what it was like to be a new father – before leaving Denis (Ronald Guttman) and his mom. It’s another instance of his having good intentions and screwing up royally – and he ponders whether he should turn his son, after all.

 Preacher : Season 2, Episode 9: Holes; Julie Ann Emery as Lara Featherstone, Malcolm Barrett as F.J. Hoover – Photo Credit: Michele K. Short/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Written by Stegeman and Maja Vrvilo, Holes deals with consequences – intended or otherwise: Cassidy intended to be a good dad and the consequences of his not following through place him in yet another ethical/moral rock/hard place situation; unknown to Jesse, the consequences of his sending Eugene to Hell continue to worsen, and the consequences of Jesse’s actions leave Tulip dealing with PTSD through hole fixing therapy.

As side arc, Holes brings two key characters – Lara Featherston (Julie Ann Emery) and F.J. Hoover (Malcom Barrett) from the Grail into the main storyline very different and fun way – via Tulip’s arc.

Despite Stegeman’s script being packed with plot points, character and emotional beats, Vrvilo manages to fit everything into the show’s deliberately paced format very economically.

Jesse’s slow burn as waits for the DorkDocs to provide him clues; Tulip’s not quite manic home repairs; Eugene’s revelations and Cassidy’s situation combine to form one of the show’s best hours yet.

As Der Fuhrer tells Eugene, there are worse places than Hell. The consequences of the characters’ actions show yet another layer to the depth of what is most definitely not just another comic book show.

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I’m Here to Kill a Man – The SDCC 2017 Preacher Trailer!

The San Diego Comic-Con 2017 trailer for AMC’s Preacher sets out what’s coming up over the rest of the season – The Saint of Killers is in town to kill Jesse; Herr Stark of the Grail has an offer Jesse will probably refuse;  Tulip is no match for The Saint, and more…

Preacher airs on Monday nights (AMC, 9/8C).

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Preacher – Fake God, Hitler and Viktor!

Preacher – Joseph Gilgun as Cassidy, Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer – Photo Credit: Skip Bolen/AMC

Preacher (AMC, Mondays, 9/8C) takes a couple of side trips this week as we learn more about Tulip’s past and Jesse and Cassidy discover something startling about Fake God – and that Jesse has 137 jazz clubs yet to visit. Then there’s Eugene in Hell…

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Preacher Shifts Into High!

Preacher: On the Road – Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper) and Tulip O’hare (Ruth Negga) – Photo by Skip Bolen/Courtesy of AMC.

The first season Preacher introduced us to preacher Jesse Custer, his ex-girlfriend Tulip O’Hare and the Irish vampire, Cassidy and set up the story of a man searching for God – literally.

The DC comic on which the show is based was, essentially, a road trip as the trio searched for God to find out why he had abandoned Heaven (and his believers).

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Preacher Key Art Showcases Powerful Trio!

Today, AMC released four “Preacher” key art images in anticipation of the show’s second season featuring its “Powerful” trio: Jesse (Dominic Cooper), Tulip (Ruth Negga) and Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun). The critically-acclaimed, supernatural series returns with a two-night event, beginning with the season premiere on Sunday, June 25th (10:00/9C), followed by the second episode on Monday, June 26th (9:00/8C) in the series’ regular time slot.

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Pre-SXSW First Look: Preacher Season Two!

Joseph Gilgun as Cassidy, Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer, Ruth Negga as Tulip O’Hare – Preacher _ Season 2, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Skip Bolen/AMC

AMC’s Preacher is based on the Garth Ennis/Steve Dillon comic about a burned out preacher who is given a supernatural gift that seems to cause nothing but, so he sets out find God (wherever He may be) and have a word with him about it.

The first season served as a prequel to the tale the comics tell and season two will find Jesse Custer, his ex-girlfriend Tulip O’Hare and Irish vampire Cassidy  on the road to literally find God. Chaos ensures.

Ahead of the show’s SXSW panel, AMC has released a gallery of first look photos – which follows. As always, double click to embiggen.

Preacher returns on Monday, June 19th (9/8C).

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God Has Gone AWOL Trailer: Preacher!


An ex-priest and an vampire go hunting for God – in whom they are well and truly ticked off. That’s the basic premise of AMC’s much anticipated series Preacher.

The first teaser for the series premiered on The Walking Dead last night. If you missed it, you can check it out after jump. Preacher premieres on AMC in 2016.

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