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Far Cry 5 Figure Looks Kinda Ai Aight!

I’m really looking forward to UBI-Soft’s upcoming Far Cry 5 game. While all the early game play footage looks a little suspect, I’m still looking forward to playing it. I love the idea of setting a game like this in the deep South.  I’m not a figurine collector, but even I admit, this new Far Cry 5 collectible from Ubi-Soft looks really good.

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Contest! Call of Duty: WWII PSN Private Beta Giveaway

The kind folks at Activision love me hard – not hard enough to fly me anywhere, but I’ll take what I can get. They have given me 10 codes to give away for their upcoming Private Beta of Call of Duty: WWII! The beta runs this weekend Aug 25th – Aug 28th and the following weekend. The game hits the streets in Nov. This is one of my most wanted games of the fall because – who doesn’t want to kill some Nazi’s? Especially now? No, I’m not condoning going out and killing Neo-Nazi’s in real life! But a good punch in the face? Sure. Thank you again Activision for providing the codes.

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PS4 Pro is Here!


Sony’s next gen console, the PS4 Pro finally hits the streets today.  I was tempted to purchase one, but the lack of  a 4K UHD drive made this a no go.  Yes, I know Sony is pushing this system as a game console first, which isn’t a bad way to go but there aren’t any original games available for it launch; just a bunch of titles being patched to take advantage of the system’s 4K up-scaling and increased processing capabilities. Gamers who don’t have a 4K tv can benefit from the PS4 Pro’s super charged processors and improved graphics chops.

My LG 4K OLED already upscales everything so I’m not sure what the point would be for me. I have no desire to replay my old games, just because they may look prettier.  Next year when games are designed with the Pro in mind it may be worth a pickup. The console retails for $400 and is available now. Here’s the official press release with all your tech specs.

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SuperShock Trailer: Powers: Season 2: Who Killed Retro Girl?


Powers is back for a second season and it looks like fans of the comic will finally get to see an adaptation of the first Powers storyline: Who Killed Retro girl?

The new trailer for season two finds a retired Power coming out of retirement and last season’s biggest wannabe getting some good advice from former Power, Christian Walker. Also, it looks like the government is trying to outlaw Powers. I wonder how that will go?

Check out the trailer after the jump. Powers returns on May 31 with three episodes. New episodes will roll out on subsequent Tuesdays.

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Inside Look: Playstation’s Powers!

Powers - Copley-Heyward

It was a bit of a shock to learn that Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming’s dark stake on super-powered characters, Powers, had been licensed by Playstation.

Then they cast Sharlto Copley as Christian Walker – a former Power who lost his powers under devastating circumstances and now was a detective investigating Powered crimes. The they cast Eddie Izzard as bad guy Power, Wolfe and changed Walker’s partner, Deena Pilgrim from petite blue-eyed, blonde to African-American because Susan Heyward’s audition was so impressive. Then they added Michelle Forbes as Retro Girl – one of the few genuinely altruistic Powers in the world. Suddenly, the Powers live-action series become a source of much intrigue – intrigue that grew with the release of the first trailer last October.

Now, Sony and Playstation have released the first behind-the-scenes look at the world of Powers – a seven-minute video that features interviews with most of the major players in front of and behind the camera. Check it out after the jump.

Powers premieres on March 10th, with new episodes released on Tuesdays

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Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag: Infamous Pirates Trailer


Aaaaarrrrrrgggg!! Mateys! Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag  is shaping up to be one of the must by games.  From the legendary Blackbeard to the violent and malicious Charles Vane – Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag brings together a cast of historical figures unlike any other to tell the true story of the  Golden Age of Pirates. Learn more about the infamous cast of characters you’ll come across in Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag with commentary from Matt Ryan, the actor behind Captain Edward Kenway. the season. It has Pirates, what more could you want! UBI Soft has just released another trailer from the game. This one features some of the additional characters in action.  The game hits the streets on 360 and PS3 Oct 29th. Think I’m going to wait and get the Xbox One or PS4 version which is slated as day one releases. Check out the video here.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II Apocalypse is now available on PS3


The last Call of Duty: Black Ops II DLC is now available on the PS3. I’m usually skeptical about DLC Season passes but you have to give Activision and the COD team mad props for providing plenty of replay value on the COD series and keeping up their promise of regular updates. In case you missed my post when the 360 version of this came out a few weeks ago. The epic season of Downloadable Content (DLC) culminates with the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops II Apocalypse for PlayStation®3 and PC fans. The fourth and final DLC Pack from Activision and its award-winning studio Treyarch lets players dig into four thrilling and diverse multiplayer maps, as well as Origins – the all-new, wildly creative Zombies experience that reunites players with the original heroes from Call of Duty®: World at War, and closes this chapter of the Zombies story arch for Call of Duty®: Black Ops II.

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VIDEO GAME NEWS: Sony Tries to Save The Planet


The folks at Sony are going to try and cash in on Earth Day tomorrow by making a charitable donation to Conservation International by donating $1 for each of the first 10,000 transactions made on the video delivery service for PlayStation 3. To participate in the promotion, consumers can purchase any of the nearly 7,500 pieces of standard and high-definition digital video content available through PlayStation®Store between the hours of midnight to 11:59 PM PST this Wednesday, April 22. Conservation International is a nonprofit organization that seeks to protect Earth’s high-biodiversity wilderness areas and important marine regions around the globe. PlayStation Network chose Conservation International to receive the charitable contribution because of its work based on cutting-edge science, comprehensive partnerships and concern for human well-being.  The Sony Team has created a special collection that they are calling “Save Our Earth.” I don’t get what selections like Cloverfield, Hancock, Independence Day and Superman Returns has to do with the environment but whatever it is a good cause so I’ll let it go.