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Finish the Fight! Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Comes To Home Video!

The highest-grossing video game movie franchise of all time has come to its final chapter.

The Umbrella Corporation is gathering its undead forces for a final strike against the survivors of the apocalypse and Alice must prevent complete human extinction before it’s too late.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter comes to Digitial May 2nd, with 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD following on May 16th.

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Variations on a Theme Trailer: Resident Evil: The Final Chapter International Trailer #2!


With each new trailer – domestic and/or international – we get a bit more new footage. And with each new trailer, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter looks like more fun.

Plus, the return of the zombie dogs?

Take a look…

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Bad Intentions Trailer: Resident Evil: The Final Chapter


Without the title card that reads Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, the opening moments of the first teaser trailer for the film could be an ad for a high-performance motorcycle – until a hand slams down on a control panel of a familiar design and it reads, ‘Engine Engaged.’ Then things get crazy.

How crazy? When asked what they’re going to do, Alice tells her handful of allies, ‘We’re going to kill them all!’ And mayhem ensues…

Resident Evil is probably the best bad-B-movie franchise ever – and almost certainly the glossiest. It’s certainly one of the most fun. Check out the teaser trailer after the break – Alice’s final return to Raccoon City and The Hive promises to be epic!(Epic what, I’m not even going to hazard a guess…). Resident Evil: The Final Chapter will be in theaters on January 27th, 2017.

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Volcanic Trailer: Pompeii!

01 - Caitlin Cronenberg

Paul W.S. Anderson has done the zombie apocalypse (Resident Evil); he’s done evil aliens (Alien Vs. Predator) and he’s done historical fantasy (The Three Musketeers). Now he’s doing historical disaster with the epic, Pompeii – starring Game of thrones’ Kit Harington – the trailer for which is volcanic to say the least.

Check it out after the jump. Pompeii will be in theaters on February 21, 2014.

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The Three Musketeers – It Ain’t Art But Boy Is It Fun!

musketeers 2

Paul W.S. Anderson makes semi-big budget B-movies that repel critics as much as they attract a hardcore group of fans. In his most ambitious film yet, Anderson gives us the best bits from Alexandre Dumas’ The three Musketeers – and airships! In 3D! And, yes, it’s great fun!

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MOVIE REVIEW: Death Race: Baby You Can Drive My Car!

The original, Roger Corman production of Death Race 2000 was a high energy, in your face film that [sadly] predicted the reality TV thing. In its highly campy way, though, DR2K mixed in social commentary through the race’s rules [Hit a pedestrian? Add points. The pedestrian is an old lady? Bonus Points!]. The remake is a grittier, nastier piece of work that pits prison lifers against one another – and the last driver left alive wins [win five races and go free – in theory].

Koehler, Statham, McShane & Vargas

Jensen Ames [Jason Statham] is framed for the murder of his wife and finds himself on Terminal Island [think Alcatraz, 2015]. The warden [an exceptionally elegant Joan Allen] asks him if he will take over for a driver known only as Frankenstein. Poor Frankie died in the last race and she needs to keep the myth alive to keep up the ratings on the race’s internet subscription pay-per-view. Ames is given Frank’s pit crew, an oddball lot that includes Coach [Ian McShane], the pit chief who stayed on after his sentence was completed; Gunner [Jacob Vargas], a master mechanic, and Lists [Frederic Koehler], who seems to know more about everything than anyone else in the film.

Arrayed against Ames’ version of Frankenstein are nasties like Machine Gun Joe [Tyrese Gibson], Pachenko [Max Ryan] and Travis Colt [Justin Mader] – killers who treat their vehicles as weapons. Furthering the goonage is Jason Clarke as Warden Hennessy’s head guard, Ulrich. To balance the villains, Frank’s navigator is a gorgeous female convict named Case [Natalie Martinez], and she even gets to take part in the action a couple of times.

The big surprise about Death Race is that it is infinitely better than anything else director Paul W.S. Anderson has ever done. The writing [again by Anderson] is tight – though his attention to detail still needs a bit of work – and he stages some pretty impressive races. Even more impressive is that practically all the stunts and driving were done… well… practically.

True, the cast isn’t required to do much more than hit one or two notes apiece, but they hit those notes with the kind of enthusiasm that communicates itself onscreen. Although darker than the colorfully camp original, Anderson’s Death Race is not without its humor – some of it telegraphed but done with panache, and some of it sneakier than you might expect from the guy who gave us the Resident Evil and the Alien vs. Predator movies. And you won’t find many who can out cuss the elegant Warden Hennessy when things start to go wrong…

With a big budget and marketing plan, Death Race could, finally, vault Statham to actual action star status [and well past time]. It’s not the greatest action movie ever, but it does hit just the right spot in terms of vicious action, ham-fisted social commentary and general mayhem.

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