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Movie Review: Shazam! Disappoints Michelle!

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TV Review: Netflix Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 2! Michelle Loves It

After the harrowing events at the end of part one of the Chilling Tales of Sabrina, we were left with a lot of questions and shattered little hearts. Now Netflix is dropping the back half of Season 1, April 5th and I can’t wait. Luckily Netflix gave me access to a few episodes so I don’t have to.

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Toy Story 3 is not Perfect, but it is Strong. Michelle’s Review!

Every time I review a Pixar movie, I feel like I have to start by saying, I’m not a fan of their movies. While all their films are technically brilliant I just found them to be too glossy to connect to.  Toy Story 3 isn’t a great movie, I think it’s a notch below How to Train Your Dragon, but it’s the rare sequel that easily surpasses the original and rarer still a concluding chapter that wraps everything up in a perfect manner. The movie takes you on an emotional roller coaster and come on it had an evil Bear! An Evil Bear! Would have been great if his name was “Huggy.” I didn’t leave the theater feeling like I wanted more, or disappointed, I left satisfied.

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