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Hollywood Insider: Greg Grunberg Talks Geeking Out!

Greg Grunberg - Geeking Out _ Season 1, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Lewis Jacobs/AMC
Greg Grunberg – Geeking Out _ Season 1, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Lewis Jacobs/AMC

As some one who started reading comics more than six decades ago and quickly got into science fiction, horror, and mystery movies and TV shows, I find today’s pop culture to be something I could never have even dreamed about even fifteen years ago.

Greg Grunberg, creator of AMC’s Geeking Out (and co-host with the always unfiltered Kevin Smith) is a man after my own heart – and Geeking Out seems to be a dream come true for him. Follow the jump for his take on what the show is all about.

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Late Night Fanboy Fest Geeking Out Premieres on August 14th!

Kevin Smith, J.J. Abrams, Greg Grunberg - Geeking Out _ Season 1, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Michael Moriatis/AMC
Kevin Smith, J.J. Abrams, Greg Grunberg – Geeking Out _ Season 1, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Michael Moriatis/AMC

AMC’s late night series Geeking Out premieres on Sunday, August 14th (11/10C). The series – which looks at pop culture through a fanboy lens – is hosted by superfans Kevin Smith and Greg Grunberg.

Geeking Out will feature talk segments, celebrity interviews and out-of-studio segments (not unlike out-of-body segments…?). Following its premiere, Geeking Out will shift to its regular timeslot of minight (11C). Follow the jump for the premiere’s guests

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Comic-Con 2016: Geeking Out!


AMC’s new late-night talk show Geeking Out will be making the scene at San Diego Comic-Con 2016.

A special edition of the talker – hosted by renowned fanboys Kevin Smith and Greg Grunberg – will ‘go behind-the-scenes of the Con than started them all.

Matt Damon will be on hand to talk Jason Bourne at a pre-Con pit stop in Las Vega. Then Star Trek Beyond composer Michael Giacchino will give the boys a peek at Star Trek Beyond IMAX before the pair head onto the floor to chat with comics writers and artists – plus, cosplayers!

This special edition of Geeking Out will air on Sunday, July 24th (10/9C). Follow the jump to get all the details.

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AMC Orders Late Night Geek Out!

KevinSmithGreg Grunberg

Fanboys/girls will be getting their due on AMC’s new late night talk show, Geeking Out (working title) hosted by epic fanboys Kevin Smith and Greg Grunberg.

The half-hour weekly show will examine pop culture ‘through a fanboy lens’ beginning with a special San Diego Comic-Con episode in late July. Eight more episodes will follow beginning in late summer.

Smith and Grunberg will also serve as executive producers. Further details follow the jump.

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Syfy to Air Cult Classic-In-Waiting Big Ass Spider!!


Low-budget, high impact thriller Big Ass Spider! is coming to Syfy. The movie, from Mike Mendez, pretty much does what it says on the tin: a big ass spider terrorizes Los Angeles – and it’s up to a clever exterminator and his security guard sidekick to put a stop to it.

Big Ass Spider! stars Greg Grunberg (Heroes, Alias), Ray Wise (Twin Peaks, Reaper) and Clare Kramer (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), among others and crawls across your TV screen on Saturday, April 19th (9/8C).

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TELEVISION: Heroes Returns With a Bang!

Tim Kring and his creative team on Heroes [Mondays, 8/7C] have heard their show’s fans. Heroes returns with one helluva bang, giving us the answer to last season’s cliffhanger – who shot Nathan Petrelli [Adrian Pasdar] – inside of the first ninety seconds of the season three premiere. The premiere, The Second Coming/The Butterfly Effect, promises to be one of the more electrifying two hours of the new season [only the first hour was sent out for review].

S3 - Claire & Peter

One thing that remains constant is the show’s multiple character arcs that intersect in odd and unexpected ways. Thus, we find Matt Parkman [Greg Grunberg] in a desert; skip to a future confrontation from a very dark [brunette, actually] Claire and Peter, and meet a character named Tracey Strauss [Ali Larter] who looks exactly like Niki Sanders whom we were pretty sure had died in that exploding building in last season’s finale. Then there’s the character who returns from the grave; an encounter between the present-day Claire [Hayden Panettiere] and Sylar [Zachary Quinto] that doesn’t go the way anyone [except Tim Kring, who wrote the script] could have imagined. To cap it all off, there are the prisoners of Level 5 – and Noah Bennett [Jack Coleman] still channelling Steve McQueen in The Great Escape.

One of the things that Heroes does best – when it’s on form, and it’s on form here – is juggle multiple plot and character arcs. Volume Three: Villains looks to be the most complex volume in the series, thus far, and yet none of the characters seems to be short changed. Even odd pairings, like Suresh [Sendhil Ramamurthy] and Maya [Dania Ramirez] work – and it’s the first time since her introduction that Maya doesn’t drain the life out of her scenes. The show’s FX are in good form, too. Hiro’s [Masi Oka] arch-enemy. A young speedster named Daphne [Brea Grant] is handled extremely well by the FX team, and Grant brings an impish sense of fun to the character.

If you lost interest in Heroes last season, or stuck with it but thought it opened too slowly, you’ll find season three a real rush [and not just in the sense of Daphne’s superspeed]. If you need to brush up on what’s happened, so far, there is a special one-hour summary episode that immediately precedes the third season premiere.

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