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Got a Problem? Ask Watson!

Remember IBM’s Watson, the supercomputer that kicked human tuchus on Jeopardy? Well, the successful Jeopardy contestant is coming to a smartphone near you, via its new app, Ask Watson. Not only that, IBM is setting up a customer service via call-in center that it claims will reduce search time by up to 40%. Check out […]

iPad Get New Adobe Apps

It’s been rumored for months, today Adobe makes the release of Adobe CS5.5 official. Today they announced Adobe® Creative Suite® 5.5 Production Premium, the complete software solution for video and post-production that helps deliver content to virtually any screen. The entire goal of this release is to push the use of Adobe tools in the […]

Netflix Gets Busy Today with Star Trek, Godfather, G.I. Joe as Paramount Jumps on Board!

In all the hoopla over Apple’s boring, lame, pointless “Music Event” today “Ooh, .99 Cent TV Downloads, iOS Update, OMFG!!!” Don’t forget Netflix’s new deal with Paramount Pictures kicks into gear today, now on Instant Watch you can watch all the Paramount Hits including:  The Godfather Trilogy, G.I. Joe, Star Trek, The Transformers and more […]