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Alien Invasion Trailer: Pixels!

Pixels - Space Invaders

Somehow, aliens misinterpreted an attempt at communication that depicted, among other things, several video games, as a declaration of war. They created Godzilla-sized versions of those videogames and sent them off to destroy the Earth.

Silly aliens!

On July 24th, the fate of the Earth will be in the hands of a group of ’80s videogame champions. Check out the new trailer for Pixels after the jump.

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This Is No Game Trailer: Pixels!

Pixels - Pac-Man

The Earth is being invaded – by actual space Invaders. Also Donkey Kong, Pac-Man and more – so the US President (Kevin James) drafts his old buddy, master video game player Sam Brenner (Adam Sandler), to help save the world.

Pixels is directed by Chris Columbus, so it shouldn’t be the usual Adam Sandler goof. It opens on July 24th. Check out the new trailer following the jump.

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Chris Columbus Brings Magic Back, Michelle reviews Percy Jackson!

Damn you Christopher Columbus! You sucked me into the world magic and kid lit with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, now that I’m over my obsession with this series, you return once again with another kid lit movie that I’ve never heard of Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. Sure it’s a blatant and weak rip off of Harry Potter, but Columbus has an eye for this material. While Director David Yates clearly hates magic and managed to suck all the magic out of the Potter films, Columbus loves and revels in it. He showed it in the first few HP films and it’s on display here.

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MOVIE REVIEW: I Don’t Love You, Beth Cooper; But Maybe We Can Be Friends

Getting Beers

A while back, I was reading an appraisal of trailers for teen films – an appraisal given by teens. They were unanimous in their dismissal of the trailer for I Love You, Beth Cooper, for which they summed their disdain with the phrase, “This would never happen.” They were, of course, completely missing the point. Of course this would never happen. It’s precisely because this would never happen that the movie got made. It’s a wish-fulfillment fantasy not-so cleverly disguised as a teen comedy. It was made for every high school student who crushed on the head cheerleader or varsity quarterback but didn’t show up on their radar – not even as the tiniest blip.

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MOVIE NEWS: Chris Columbus’ 1492 Entertainment Options Ben Templesmith Graphic Novel Welcome to Hoxford!

Ben Templesmith, best known for 30 Days of Night [co-created with Steve Niles] has optioned the movie rights to his graphic novel Welcome to Hoxford to Chris Columbus’ 1492 Entertainment.


Hoxford follows a psychiatrist who follows one of her patients who is transferred to a privately run mental prison – and discovers that a lot of the worst mental patients are being transferred there – but none are coming out! After trying to see her patient, she finds herself trapped in the facility and must work with her patient to fight the werewolves that are running it.

“I actually owe the entire book to an idea I had after receiving a letter about some previous work being banned from a prison,” said Templesmith. “It turned into one of the darker things I’ve ever done, with a few sick twists. It’s really been quite fantastic that Chris Columbus has thought Hoxford worthy enough to perhaps burst from the comic page to the screen.”  

Welcome to Hoxford will be produced by Columbus and his 1492 partners, Michael Barnathan and Mark Radcliffe.