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Ascension Is A Lifeboat For Humanity!

Syfy’s three-night event series Ascension (9/8C) premieres tonight and continues through Wednesday. It’s the story of a generation ship that was launched in the early 1960s, taking a selection of humanity to a new home on a planet orbiting Proxima – because the ship’s creator/architect was convinced that the Cold War was about become hot […]

Tricia Helfer to Star in Syfy’s Ascension!

Syfy’s event series Ascension has signed Tricia Helfer to star the ‘not-so-secret power broker aboard the titular starship. As wife of the ship’s Captain, Viondra Denniger, her character is described as ‘beautiful, manipulative and dangerous.’ Ascension takes place aboard the starship nearly fifty years into its century-long journey to populate a new world. As the […]