Star Wars: Episode VII Spoilers, Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall Tributes, Aquaman, The Inhumans

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Last week, the Internet saw a deluge of supposedly leaked information regarding Star Wars: Episode VII. While GeekScholars Movie News won’t share any of these potential spoilers, the hosts decide to open this week’s show by discussing how spoilers will affect the next Star Wars movie, and debate whether the information is real, fake, or perhaps even created and propagated by the studio itself to create confusion. Hit the jump to learn more

Next, the cinematic arts lost two legends recently, Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall. The GeekScholars pay tribute to their memories by recounting some of their favorite moments from the two actors’ lives and the impact they left on the film community.

To wrap things up, the crew gives updates on two potential comic book properties: DC’s Aquaman and Marvel’s The Inhumans by providing all the information you need to know about the two franchises and what elements may make it into the possible film adaptations.