Sheldon’s Favorite Genre Super Bowl Spots!

For the first time, Canadian viewers of the Super Bowl did not have to suffer through the less inspired local commercials that are edited into the game up here in the Cold White North (-9 Fahrenheit).

But most of my favorite ads were for upcoming movies and television shows and there were some corkers.

In a 30-second spot for Logan (20th Century Fox), we got new footage, frenetic activity and moments of poignancy.

Despite have serious reservations about a new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, I have to admit that extended Super Bowl spot looks really intriguing.

Even as each new Transformers movie seems to be worse than its predecessors, the series keeps coming with amazing trailers. With Sir Anthony Hopkins along for the ride, perhaps The Last Knight will be an exception.

Can Dominic Toretto really have gone bad? Who cares when you’ve got Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham and Kurt Russell sharing screentime?

The Fate of the Furious (aka Physic? We don’t Need No Stinkin’ Physics! Part Mumblety-Mumble) looks like a great summer action ride!

Shades of the Upside Down! Stranger Things 2 looks just as delightfully warped its season one!

Gore Verbinki’s latest epic weirdness, A Cure for Wellness, already looked like an off the wall bit of horror craziness – and the Super Bowl spot does not to suggest otherwise.

And now for the exception that proves the rule – the Baywatch Super Bowl spot confirms my suspicions that this comedy of the summer.

Yondu get a Baby Groot welcome in the extended Super Bowl spot for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Sounds about right, too.

This is my favorite Super Bowl spot for pure entertainment.