Series 7, Reality TV To The Extreme, by Michelle Alexandria erectile dysfunction not helped by viagra is nexium toxic to cats best way to start a nursing essay homework help websites chori kiya re jiya female viagra how to decorate a christmas tree essay article essay sample spm english papers source site click best college course work ideas go here go here alimentos com sildenafil charity begins at home definition essay source site about my friend short essay is cialis illegal in the uk essay me and my mother best essay ghostwriting sites for college genericos de viagra cialis alpillsshop laws characterization of viagra follow essay on social equality in india Series 7″” will be one of the most controversial and talked about films of the spring movie season. This dead on spoof of reality television, asks and answers the question, “”how far will reality television go?”” “”Series 7″” stands for a weekend marathon of a fictional television show called “”The Contender””. Each week on the “”Contender”” five people are selected at random and given guns. The object of the game – simple, “”kill or be killed””. The contestants are forced to hunt each other down. The winner lives to appear in the next episode, while the losers, well… Many will watch this film thinking there’s no way television would ever do something like this, well guess what? There is talk of several take offs on a “”Series 7″” type of show already in pre-production. Of course people will not be killed in real life, but the variations on this theme are eerily similar. Several months ago we conducted a fun wide ranging interview with “”Series 7″” director Daniel Minahan and the movie’s star Brooke Smith who many will remember as the kidnapped girl from “”Silence of The Lambs.”” The two were gracious enough to give us their time for an exclusive, unfortunately our tape of this interview mysteriously disappeared, therefore the interview below is an detailed in-depth interview that Daniel conducted for the “”Series 7″” press kit. If we ever track down the allusive tape that contains our exclusive, we will bring that to you as soon as possible. In the meantime enjoy this excellent Q and A.

THE CONCEPTIONQ: What is a “”series 7″”?A: It