SDCC 2017: Greatest Hits & Upcoming Thrills Trailer: Gotham: Season 4!

Warner Bros. Television brought a very dark Gotham sizzle reel to Sn Diego for Comic-Con 2017 – just over four of its almost six-minutes run through some of the many key moments of Season Three.

It’s the last minute-and-a-half where we get to see some spectacular teases for Season Four: Bruce in action; Selina in action; the unveiling of the frosty centerpiece at Penguin’s Iceberg Lounge; a glimpse of someone/something like a rabid Joker and the first appearance of a certain Crane alias.

Gotham returns on Thursday, September 28th (FOX, 8/7C).

Catch up on the last season of GOTHAM and have a look at what’s to come in season 4! GOTHAM returns THU, SEP 28 on FOX!