Scoob Skipping Theaters for VOD

Stop the monkeys, someone please stop the monkeys from drumming. Ok, that makes zero sense. However, Warner Brothers bypassing theaters to bring Scoob Direct to Digital on May 15th actually makes perfect sense. All the rescheduling of 2020’s big films means the smaller, more iffy titles like Scoob need a home so why not digital. Unlike Universal’s unilateral move, WB did consult with theaters first.

Scoob will hit vod May 15th with two options you can rent for $20 or buy the movie for $25. I’m curious to see if they will have the full 4K/UHD version which a lot of these “In Home” rental films have lacked. Personally, I’ve never been a huge fan of Scoob and will wait until it debuts on HBOMax.