Road to New York Day 10: BOOM! Studios’ Polarity Optioned for TV!


The final announcement from BOOM! Studios’ Road to New York Comic-Con 2016 is probably the biggest – the publisher’s Harvey-nominated limited series, Polarity, has been optioned by Fox 21 Television!

The story of a bipolar man who discovers – after he stops taking his meds – that he has superpowers, Polarity was written by┬áSay Anything frontman Max Bemis and illustrated by artist Jorge Coelho (John Flood).

The pilot will be written by the team that has written the Rocketeer update/reboot for Disney. For the details – and a recap of the 10 days on the road to New York, read on.


BOOM! Studios Title ‘Polarity’ Optioned by Fox 21 Television Studios

BOOM! Studios is excited to announce that Fox 21 Television Studios has optioned the TV rights to Polarity, the limited comic book series created and written by Say Anything frontman Max Bemis and illustrated by artist Jorge Coelho (John Flood) about a man with bipolar disorder who, after he stops taking his medicine, discovers he has super-powered abilities. The collected edition of the series was nominated for a Harvey Award in 2014.

The pilot is being written by Max Winkler and Matt Spicer, who were recently hired by The Walt Disney Company to write the “Rocketeer” reboot. Winkler will also direct the pilot.

BOOM! Studios’ Ross Richie, Stephen Christy, and Josh Levy are set to executive produce with Jason Carden of Winkler’s production company, Walcott Entertainment.