Rhythm Zone the Social Music Game is coming to Facebook

Rhythm Zone

Here’s something interesting. Rhythm Zone, one of the only music games that allows users to choose an unlimited number of songs from their personal music libraries to play with. The brand new features include multi-player support where users can send and receive high score challenges from their friends and global players; a free demo of the game; and 50 free songs from up and coming indie and international artists with more songs added every month for free. Now players can also message other users during games to share tips, brags and comments.

A Facebook application is in development that will allow users to play Rhythm Zone in a flash browser-based version for free. This will allow for a vibrant social gaming experience by competing with friends and people from around the world on leaderboards. Facebook players will be able to upgrade to the full-featured downloadable version of Rhythm Zone with unlimited play, multi-player support, leaderboards and dynamic visual effects.

Rhythm Zone

Rhythm Zone’s downloadable version offers dynamic background visuals generated by the music being played as well as the player’s performance, creating a unique gaming experience each time. Unlike other products that provide a limited number of songs, with Rhythm Zone there is no limit to the number of songs that can be played. The downloadable game cost $9.99. And can be found here.

In addition to the upcoming Facebook app, the developers are working on mobile versions as well. I really like the idea that I can actually use my own music library – Star Blazers theme and Flintstones here I come!