Outlander The Ultimate Edition Blu-ray Out Now!


Everyone knows how much I loathe the Pt1 and Pt2 tv season split scam – especially when it leads to multiple “season” releases of the show on Blu-ray/Digital. Outlander fans who have waited patiently for a proper full season release can rejoice. Sony Home Video has finally released the full series in a gorgeous, Limited Edition Blu-ray set. Don’t get too excited though, Outlander: Season One The Ultimate Collection will give many folks sticker SHOCK.

The $164 dollar package ($104 on Amazon), comes in a beautiful box and includes a book, engraved flask (for $164, I expect some gin or something in there), a collection of photographs, a 45-minute Outlander yule log and the soundtrack. Plus you get the full season on Ultraviolet although at that price the cheapskates should throw the iTunes version as well.