Neon Alley Offers New ‘Catch Up’ Feature!


Have you missed the latest episode of your favorite Neon Alley anime? Neon Alley and VIZ Media have just announced a new Catch Up feature for the web-based version of the 24/7 anime channel. The feature gives VOD viewers the option, once they have logged in, to Watch Now and go to the currently running programming, or Catch Up – to choose series and episodes that they might have missed.

Since each episode is accessible for a minimum of one week following its debut, the Catch Up option also allows the VOD viewer to find out how much longer each episode will be available. For more details, check out the press release after the jump.


New Option On 24/7 Anime Channel Permits Members To Access And Watch Recent Episodes Whenever They Want

San Francisco, CA, September 18, 2013 – VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), the largest publisher, distributor and licensor of manga and anime in North America, has unveiled a new “Catch-Up” feature available now for the web-based version of Neon Alley, the company’s 24/7 anime channel.

With this new expanded feature, Neon Alley members may select either a “Watch Live” or “Catch Up” option upon logging onto the service. The “Watch Live” option provides fans with the 24/7 linear English-dubbed channel that the network has come to be known for, and with the addition of the Video-On Demand “Catch Up” option, fans now have the flexibility to watch shows at their convenience. The “Catch Up” option also allows viewers to search for content by individual series or by latest additions.

Every episode carried by Neon Alley will be available for a minimum of one week after its initial premiere. Other “World Premiere Neon Alley Exclusives,” such as NARUTO SHIPPUDEN, K, and ACCEL WORLD, will remain available for a minimum of 2 weeks during a series’ initial run on the platform. Accessing the details of a selected episode will permit members know how long that particular episode or movie will be available as part of the “Catch Up” service.  VIZ Media plans to integrate the “Catch Up” service for Neon Alley for the Xbox 360® and Xbox LIVE® and the PlayStation®3 (PS3™) gaming system and the PlayStation®Network later this Fall.

“Neon Alley currently features over two dozen different anime series, plus weekly movie premieres and other exclusive programming, and the ability for members to access and watch programs whenever they want using this new feature will give them an even greater degree of flexibility and convenience,” explains Brian Ige, VIZ Media VP of Animation. “As we prepare to launch our Fall season, Neon Alley members can complement their linear viewing experience with the new ‘Catch Up’ feature to ensure that they never miss a single program!”

Neon Alley is VIZ Media’s 24-hour anime channel that is available for general web access as well as the Xbox 360® and Xbox LIVE® and the PlayStation®3 (PS3™) gaming system and the PlayStation®Network. Neon Alley is specially designed to be studio agnostic, featuring titles from other anime producers and content distributors, including Aniplex, FUNimation, NTV, Taiseng, and Anime News Network. The channel’s diverse schedule includes a mix of action, adventure, sci-fi, supernatural, fantasy, and horror anime, uncut and dubbed into English, and presented in HD (when available), for a low monthly subscription rate of only $6.99. For a limited time only, the service is also offering a one-week free trial available to all fans that sign up at

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