Nathan Fillion in Guardians of the Galaxy, Battlestar Galactica Film, Comic Book Cinematic Universes, Lars and Real Girl Reviewed

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If you are a self-proclaimed geek, the latest GeekScholars Movie News show might be considered mandatory listening. Hit the jump to find out why, or just trust us and hit play above.

In an epic episode, the GeekScholars discuss: Nathan Fillion’s potential role in Guardians of the Galaxy, the pros and cons of a Battlestar Galactica movie along with top picks for a director, and a full run-down of all of the comic book cinematic universes in the works, including the latest developments from Marvel, Sony, DC/Warner Bros., and 20th Century Fox.

After, the crew gets Kate from Laurel, MD on the line to play listener trivia, and follows it up with a retrospective review of Lars and the Real Girl.