Music – Three Reasons To Go To A Music Festival

The choice to take your child to a music festival is an ongoing debate that provokes mixed views among parents. Although exposure to music is fantastic, navigating the big crowds with your little ones can often be daunting. Thinking that festivals are a unique space for families, primarily when geared towards the right audience like our Family Festival Sundays! Still, don’t believe? Below are the reasons why.

Exposure to the outside world

Do you know so many people attend music festivals each year with their siblings? The celebrations offer a unique opportunity, bringing people together from all over to enjoy an experience of more than just music. It usually lasts a few days, and often involve onsite camping, further immersing attendees into the festival experience. Festive experience allows for a separation from everyday life, not commonly found elsewhere. It ranges in all genres of music, some focus on specific genera such as jazz or electronic dance music, while others have a variety of genres in their lineup. Harmony holds an extraordinary spiritual power that is known for connecting fellow listeners in a way like no other. Songs are powerful on both an emotional and social level. Getting experienced music at a festival is far from listening to music at home. Attending a music festival places you and your child into a community of more than just music, often creating a lasting impact on the attendee.

Meet new people

Getting to the grounds of a music festival, an attendee will run into many new people. One of the unique experience that festivals hold is their ability to connect you with new people in a way not possible in an everyday setting. Attendees of the Australian music festival often notice that people are more friendly and outgoing during their stay at the festival then they would generally be in their day to day life. The celebrations do provide an opportunity for festival-goers to bond with one another through their shared love of music or a specific artist.

Builds relationships

The social benefit of festival sponsorship is stronger relationships within a community and your beloved children’s. Majority of the relationship-building occurs in the festival planning phase. It is the only place where the bonds among public and private organizations, government, and neighborhood groups are forged and where connections among elected officials, staff, volunteers, and interested residents are made.

Presumptuous that everything else goes well, the payoff to this relationship-building is a successful festival. Nonetheless, the benefits last well beyond the event, as people bring their connections and collective knowledge and skills to improve the community.

Networks and connections are the “glue” that hold communities together; without them, a society stagnates, and the quality of life declines. Specialists call this glue social capital, so viewed through this lens — festival sponsorship increases the social capital that makes for healthy communities.


Music strengthens the bonds of trust and communication between adults and kids, and taking your child to an Australian music festival can help encourage their self-expression and confidence. Just note down that music is fun for both adults and children alike!

Updated: September 23, 2019 — 7:30 pm