Movies: Production Round-Up Week of 6.25.10


Since it’s officially “Summer Blockbuster’ season, let’s start out by taking a look at what’s already in the theaters before we take a look at what’s currently in production.

Top five movies at the box office right now are:

1. Toy Story 3 – Tom Hanks, Tim Allen

2. Grown Ups – Adam Sandler, Salma Hayek, Kevin James

3. Knight and Day – Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, Peter Sarsgaard

4. The Karate Kid – Jackie Chan, Jaden Smith, Taraji P. Henson

5. The A-Team – Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, Sharlto Copley

Judging by these box office results, Tom Cruise and Jackie Chan are both getting the stuffing kicked out of them by a bunch of beloved Toys. Out of these five movies, I’ve seen Knight and Day, The Karate Kid and The A-Team. The Karate Kid reboot left me wondering why they bothered. Other than an absolutely powerhouse performance by Jaden Smith, and I firmly believe he is going to be a huge star for a long time to come, I found the reboot to be tedious and without the storytelling power of the original. I like Jackie Chan, but have to be honest and say I found him to be dull and lifeless in this movie.  On the other hand, I thoroughly enjoyed both the A-Team and Knight and Day. Finding both movies to be satisfying action adventures to while away a hot summer afternoon with.

Now, onto the in production news.


Production began last week in Michigan for the 3rd installment of the Harold and Kumar movies, A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas.  Returning for  the 3rd movie in the comedy trilogy are stars Kal Penn and John Cho as the potty-mouthed stoner duo. Also returning is Neil Patrick Harris, despite his “character” supposedly being fatally shot in the back in the last movie. Rounding out the returning cast is Danneel Harris, who will be reprising her role as Kumar’s stoner girlfriend, Vanessa.

The latest production slate of movies is still filled with action/adventure and scifi related projects.


Indian-born  model turned actress Freida Pinto is in talks with 20th Century Fox to star opposite James Franco in “Rise of the Apes,” 20th Century Fox’s “Planet of the Apes” prequel.

Over at Warner Brothers they are gearing up in conjunction with Point Blank Productions, Infinitum Nihil for the scifi action movie, Ready Player One. Produced by Donald De Line and written by Ernest Cline (source material), Ready Player One is Scifi type adventure in which a teen finds himself competing in a treasure hunt against ruthless opponents in a virtual world called Oasis. Not casting yet and the movie is still classified as in pre-production.

GK Films is currently working on bringing the thriller, Priceless to the big screen.
Produced by Graham King and written by Jarrad Paul and Andrew Mogel, Priceless is an adaptation based on the true story of Robert K. Wittman, the founder of the FBI’s Art Crime Team who often went undercover, unarmed, to catch art thieves and black market traders around the world. Casting has not yet begun and the movie is classified as in pre-production.


Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman are set to star in Millennium Films action/thriller Trespass in which they play an embitter married couple who must join forces when their home is invaded and they are held for ransom. Trespass, which is being directed by Joel Schumacher, is set to go into production in August.

That wraps up this production round up. Keep reading for more news on movies in production.