MOVIE NEWS: New Star Trek Trailer Now on Apple

Movie News: Star Trek Gets New Trailer

This is one of those rare (sic) times when I want to complain about something. I’ve been part of the Paramount Star Trek Webmaster program for the last two years. The goal of the program is to provide a select group of webmasters exclusive access to all the news regarding the new Star Trek movie. Only problem is, those weasels at Paramount broke the entire concept of the private website by handing out exclusives to certain people. So AICN gets like a week window on all the Star Trek news before we’re even allowed to post anything, now Apple has the new 3rd trailer as an exclusive until Monday. This program is frustrating, it’s why I haven’t bothered to cover this movie. I’m not like most other journalist who feel a burning desire to have exclusives – it would be nice, I tend to go my own way with Eclipse which is why it’s rare that you’ll see the top news of the day posted here – unless I can put a spin on it. I figure why bother just regurgitating what is already on 100 different other sites especially when those sites can do it better and faster than I can. But it’s utter crap that they reached out to us because they obviously recognize our “importance,” but then to be treated so shabbily is ridiculous. I don’t even waste my time going to that site any longer. Why bother if everything that gets posted is embargoed until stupid AICN posts their stuff first? Anyhoo, enough of my mini-rant here’s a link to the new trailer