1. Kristen Stewart is so immature and sounds so uneducated, plus she isn't a very good actress. Maybe a little time in a college acting program would help her out.

  2. I thought I was the only one who thought that….surely someone can coach her on how she comes across.

  3. I agree – she's clearly uncomfortable when Rob starts to talk seriously, but handles it in a very immature, tweenie way. Ironically, Taylor, the youngest, seems to be the most mature and together of them!

  4. Thank you all,!
    I have the same opinion, I don't want to watch her interviews, as she ruins the whole "Bella" image
    when she opens her mouth. I also think she is overworked- looks exhausted and black hair is not really nice on her.
    Jacob is my least favourite character in books, but I have to say, he gives good interviews and seem so well presented and well spoken – respect to him.

  5. well i think they are all cool, i mean yh they look bad but they are only human. i mean if the spot light was on you 24/7 wouldnt you be abit tired at the end of it. i dont care i love the whole cast and charecters. and kristen well shes sort of cool, in her own weird way.

  6. Kristen lookz like tht coz shes playing Joan Jett … she aparently drove all that night to make it to comic con soo propz to her. I like all the cast coz they r all diffrent nd i lik kristen coz she's nt lik all the otha hollywood celebrities.. she's herself annnnd so wat ..she likez to hav a laugh .. if u look at all the twilight interviews it was the complete opposite … kristen was seriosus nd rob waz joking aorund… bt now tht kristen jokes around shes called immature.
    U cant expect an actor to hold onto the character when they arent filming .. she cnt b lik bella outside of twilight. thats wat acting is.
    but i agree about taylor … hes so polite.

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