Movie News: Chris Hemsworth to Take on Role of The Mighty Thor


Director Kenneth Branagh and Marvel Comics have found the man they want to step into the role of The Mighty Thor and have cast Australian born Chris Hemsworth as the hammer swinging action hero.

Hemsworth, whom movie viewers have recently seen as the heroic, but ill-fated George Kirk in the new Star Trek movie, is a ruggedly handsome 26 year old actor who is no stranger to action roles in movies. He is set to pick up Thor’s Hammer and step into the lead role when the movie goes into production in early January of 2010.

In this live action movie version of the long running Marvel comic, Thor, Hemsworth will play the slightly disabled Dr. Donald Blake who discovers that his alter ego is the none other than the ancient Norse god of thunder (and Thursday),

4 thoughts on “Movie News: Chris Hemsworth to Take on Role of The Mighty Thor”

  1. Interesting that Jack Kirby helped cast someone over a decade after he passed away.

  2. WTF? I would say you should fire your fact checker if it seemed like you had one. Does no one research anything before they post it on the internet. The late, great Mr. Jack Kirby passed away February 6, 1994 (aged 76) may he rest in peace. Anyone interested in his phenomenal artistic career should check out the amazing biography "KIRBY KING OF COMICS" by Mr. Mark Evanier. It is a great read and a nice look into the secret world of comicbook publishing.

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