Michelle’s Comic-Con 2019 Badge Unveiling!

What up home slices! Your girl is going to the big show. Yes, I will be jetting off to San Diego in two weeks to attend Comic-Con 2019. This may be my last year attending,  as next year I’d like to do other smaller events like Cinemacon 2020, the ATX Festival, Tribecca TV, etc. Instead of going through the logistical nightmare of Comic-Con. I managed to book a hotel in Gaslamp so I’m going to be in the thick of things.

I’ve already got invited to my dream party, the one party I’ve been trying to get into for years and a bunch of Activations. No actual Press Room invites yet, so hoping those start pouring in a few days. Even if I get no press room invites, I plan on having a good time regardless.

This post kicks off all things Comic-Con on the sight. Look for lots of news and previews on the upcoming show. So we’re going to start with this video of me and my bad hair unbagging the annual Comic-Con badge.  Due to YouTube’s draconian policies, I’m not really going to put much effort into these videos, but I hope to bring you all more. With that rousing endorsement, check me and my bad hair out!