Michelle’s 2010 Holiday Blu-ray/DVD Guide!

I’m not a big fan of the year end list or doing Holiday Guides, they are a lot of trouble to write and it’s always tough to come up with that “definitive” list. I say this every year, but do it anyway.  Like this year’s movies, there wasn’t much on the Blu-ray front that tickled my fancy this year, so my list doesn’t have as much variety to it as it usually does. This list also doubles as my Top Blu-ray/DVD Picks of 2010.



I thought I’d start the show with my favorite movie of 2010, Kick-Ass is a movie that deserves some Oscar buzz, but won’t get any. I don’t know why this movie didn’t get much box office loving, it’s truly a masterpiece of carnage, destruction, and it’s genuinely funny.  It’s worth getting for Chloe Moretz amazing performance as Hit Girl – if she doesn’t get some award consideration for best actress this year, there’s something wrong. Amazing movie. While the Blu-ray isn’t ground breaking, it includes enough features and a beautiful transfer that makes it worthy as my Best Blu-ray of 2010 pick. Buy Now.

Back To The Future


Come on, how can the Back To The Future Blu-ray Trilogy not be in my Buyer’s Guide? Yeah, Universal Home Video has given us the High-Hand, but I have to give them props, The Back To The Future Blu-ray set was worth waiting for. Tons of extras, beautiful transfer, nice packaging, reasonable price. Buy Now

The Six Million Dollar Man


One of the most requested television series in history is finally out in an awesome Box Set. The boys and girls at Time Life Home Video have made the wait worthwhile, when they say it’s complete – they mean COMPLETE!  This set includes the entire series including all of the crossovers with The Bionic Woman, The Reunion Movies, and the original Pilot Movies. Plus more extras you can shake a stick at. This is a textbook example of how you handle a proper classic TV Series release. All of this goodness comes at a really hefty price – $239. But well worth it if you are a fan. Buy now.

Toy Story 3


Another favorite movie of 2010 – Toy Story 3, gets the Pixar/Disney Blu-ray treatment.  If you thought watching this movie on the big screen was an experience, try the Blu-ray version. The transfer is stunning! It so amazingly sharp and hi-rez that it almost starts to take you out of the world a little bit. I’m not saying that’s a bad or good thing, but it is about the clearest Blu-ray that I’ve ever seen. It comes in Disney’s Combo packaging so you get the movie on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital copy along with hours of features. Certainly one of the top 5 Blu-ray discs of 2010. Buy Now

Alien Anthology


I’ve never been a fan of the Alien Franchise but Fox Home Video has done something special with the Alien Anthology Blu-ray release. This is an example of why the format exists, the blu-ray transfer makes the original Alien movie look alive and fresh. It looks like a movie that was shot last month, not 30 years ago. It shows how original and groundbreaking that movie really was and changed how I look at it.  The box set includes everything a fan of the Alien franchise could want (except no AVP movies) in a Blu-ray book format. Fox Home Video really isn’t known for giving Blu-ray fans what they want, but in this case they hit a home run. Buy Now



I recently had a chance to spend some quality time with Corey Feldman. It has nothing to do with my selecting Goonies for the Holiday guide, but it was a surreal experience. Goonies is one of the best kid movies of all time and the Goonies 25th Anniversary Blu-ray release is a lot of fun. I don’t think the transfer is as good as it should be, but it has a nice mix of features – especially if you go with the Collector’s box and it’s The Goonies. Buy Now



I went from thinking this movie was just Ok to strongly disliking it and can’t sit through it on multiple viewings but the Avatar Blu-ray Special Edition is a true treat for fans. It features one of the most beautiful Blu-ray transfers I’ve ever seen. The colors on this thing are so deep and rich at times I felt like I was almost watching a 3D experience without the glasses. Too bad the story and acting just don’t live up to the visual eye candy. This set includes hours upon hours of extras and any fan of learning filmmaking techniques should get the disc just to watch the in-depth extras. Buy Now

Beauty and the Beast


You really can’t go wrong with any Disney Home Video Blu-ray release. The get the format and give all of their releases stellar treatment, but they take an extra spoonful of sugar on their classic animation releases. Beauty and the Beast has an amazing restored transfer, tons of extras and is reference quality work. A must for any Blu-ray collection.  Buy Now.

Rocky Horror Picture Show


Give me an B. Give Me an L…. What’s that spell? Rocky Horror Picture Show on Blu-ray! Ok, it doesn’t, you have to read that sentence the way I do in my head. The classic bad cult movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show comes to Blu-ray. The picture has been restored and looks quite good – I wouldn’t say flawless but really nice for a 30 year old movie. The set includes a nice photo book, extras including a picture n picture mode that includes a midnight screening performance and more. Buy Now.

How to Train A Dragon


My top 3 films of 2010 include Kick-Ass, Toy Story 3 and this one – How to Train A Dragon. Another movie that will probably get lost in the Toy Story 3/Inception award hype at the end of the year. So now is a chance for your family to catch up with one of the best family movies in the last few years. The Blu-ray is packed with features. Buy Now