Louis CK – Hilarious… Really Is!

Louis CK - Hilarious

Louis CK is a forty-something stand-up comedian who deals with relatable stuff – like suddenly becoming single again at forty-one – in a manner that is, like it says on the box, hilarious.

While Louis CK is rapidly becoming known for his peculiar-in-a-good-way non/ultra-sitcom/sketch series on FX, he is still probably best served by the live stand-up setting. He can work out his inability to do standard small talk intros [by comparing Ray Charles and Adolf Hitler], and weigh in on – at length – the hazards [and unexpectedness] of re-entering the dating pool at forty-one [in less than game shape], with hard won insights – or, as in the case of the Charles/Hitler comparison, with an over-the-top vulgar whimsy that would probably not work for anyone else.

The man moves like an overweight, impatient panther – stalking his audience with a ferocity that is, in itself, rather breathtaking. Also, he’s hilarious – and not just because of a rather thorough demolition of people who use the word ‘hilarious’ incorrectly. Louis CK – Hilarious is worth checking out just for that brief bit – but there’s so much more that the concert that was taped for the DVD runs over eighty minutes.

If you’ve seen Louis CK before [live, on the FX series, or another stand-up special] you will be picking up Hilarious. If you haven’t, and you’re willing to try something that’s outrageous and different [and not just because he admits to thoughts we’ve all had – and enjoys exploring them], then you should check out Hilarious. Because it is.

Final Grade: A