Killjoys: Immunity & Alice!

Dutch & Real Girl 1

The second season of Killjoys gets off to a rollicking start with Dutch and the Real Girl – Dutch and Johnny learn there’s a unique twist required to save Davin (whom we last saw in Khlyen’s base on Arkyn).

Enter the real girl of the title.

While Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) and Johnny (Aaron Ashmore) are trying, with the aid of Pree (Thom Allison) to find and rescue Davin (Luke Macfarlane) from Khlyen’s clutches, Davin is having very realistic dreams about being united with Dutch and hunting down Khlyen – and of a battle during which he sees a very familiar face.

Written by series creator Michelle Lovretta and directed by Stefan Pleszcynski, Dutch and the Real Girl is a fast-paced, very muscular outing with lots of action and twists – the biggest of which the means required to get to Khlyen’s base on Arkyn.

Fancy that (Photo by Steve Wilkie-Courtesy of Syfy)

The desolate moon is sealed under an energy field that even Lucy’s (voiced by Tamsin McDonough) shields cannot penetrate, but there is allegedly a piece of tech that can do the job. The only problem is that it’s in Eulogy, the barter town where you can only gain admission by being a notorious criminal and bringing in some valuable stolen goods.

Turns out that the ever-so-slightly fey barkeep, Pree, qualifies (the word warlord figures…).

The twist comes in the acquisition of the shield which is not only locked up in a special vault with the really high-grade spoils, but comes with a guard – a woman named Clara (Stephanie Leonidas) and her heavy artillery arm, Alice. More than that I cannot say.

Then there’s the time Davin spent as a guest of Khlyen at his Arkyn base – once again giving us, and Davin, reason to think that maybe the seemingly nasty Level 6 isn’t really Dutch’s enemy after all. Plus Luke has something going on that baffles even Khlyen. So there’s that, too.

Killjoys - Pree and Johnny gamble

Dutch and the Real Girl also features the brief return of RAC agent Fancy Lee (Sean Baek) in a context that provides an unexpected bit of humor.

Just keep an eye on Luke…

What matters is that Killjoys continues to be frenetic fun – an old-fashioned space opera with enough depth and backstory to give it verisimilitude and characters with enough nuances to never be boring.

Killjoys is what a good space opera should be – grand fun – and season two looks to be even more entertaining than season one.

Final Grade: A-

Photos by Jan Thijs/Courtesy of Syfy)