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My Man Is Loser is a comedic film about two men Marty (Michael Rapaport) and Paul (Bryan Callen) who seeks the help of single playboy Mike (John Stamos) to get their mojo back and revive their marriages. Despite their best intentions, things start to backfire during their misadventures, leaving the wives to wonder if the new versions of their husbands are worse than the old ones.  The hilarious Kathy Searle plays the role of Marty’s wife Lianne and is here today to talk about this film.

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Born in New Rochelle, New York, Kathy started acting at an earlier age.  She went on to study at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts where she focused on Drama and later attended the Upright Citizens Brigade to hone her comedy skills. She has made her mark in several comedy blockblusters, including Tina Fey’s Baby Mama and Confessions Of A Shopaholic.  TV credits include  Body of Proof, Blue Bloods, Gossip Girl, and Lipstick Jungle alongside Brooke Shields to name a few.

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I’m so excited!

Did My Man Is A Loser premiere on July 25th?

Yes.  It is in select theatres and Itunes and On Demand.  Yes, we were on the top 10 of itunes.  We are all really happy!

Can you tell us about the film?

It is a romantic comedy where it is more than that.  It is a relationship movie.  It is about friendship and couples.   It revolves around two husbands –  Marty, which is Michael Rapaport, my husband, and his business partner Paul.  They are not stepping up to the plate as hubbies. They go to John Stamos who is a single playboy and he basically helps them better the marriages they are in.  He really does genuinely help them.  It’s such a fun 90 minute laugh movie.  I love the dynamic between Bryan Callen, Michael Rapaport and John Stamos.  It is so fun to watch. Of course I’m biased because I’m in it, but it really is.  The guys are so good in it together.  Their chemistry is amazing.

Please elaborate on your role as Lianne.

I am Lianne , Marty’s wife.  I am not feeling fulfilled in the marriage or the bedroom.  I am a bit of an exercise nut. That is how I fill my void.  And drink.  I enjoy my booze.  I basically want Marty to step up to the plate.  I want him to be a better dad and a better husband. Luckily, he does, which is what you want in a romantic comedy.  No cheating.  Those movies always make me sad.  This is so great because it isn’t about dudes going to Vegas and making out with strippers.  These guys actually want to be better hubbies.

It is an all star cast.  What was it like working with them?

It was amazing.  John is so incredible. We had a cast dinner the week before we started shooting so everybody could get to know each other.  It was great how everyone was excited to work on this movie.  Everybody wanted to have a good time. No egos too, which was always an amazing feeling when you go to set and it feels lighter.  You want to have fun.  You want to make people laugh. And you get down to business and you are there to work.

Michael Rapaport was amazing.  I was such a fan of his work before I got to work with him so I kind of geeked out at him at the cast dinner because I was such a fan.  He was so sweet.  He sent me the most beautiful text message after the premiere telling me he loved working with me and how great I was.  And I thought he didn’t have to do that. He’s the star, but he’s so kind. We all really got along genuinely well.  We are all still friends.

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The chemistry is quite evident. It must be amazing to be able to work with someone you have admired for years.  You didn’t feel starstruck?

I did a little bit.  Also, when you meet John Stamos.  There’s that one moment of looking at him with my eyes glazing over.  He is so beautiful. He is just more attractive now.  Every day he gets better with age. He’s a good looking man and so genuine.  He really cares about acting. I’ve seen him on “The Best Man” on Broadway when he was done with the movie.  He really loves what he does.

Every one of those actors is genuine. We love what we do and everybody feels grateful to be working. There’s no feeling of “I’m supposed to be here because I’m awesome”.  No, we’re here because we went in for the right role and the timing was right.  It just worked out perfectly.

That’s the set you want to be on.

I know, it really is.  I have been very fortunate where I have been on sets like that.  Everybody sets their ego aside because they know that they are there to do a job. It makes such a difference.

How did you get involved in this film?

Pat McCorkle is a New York based casting director.  She was working on the project. She brought me in.  I remember reading the script, loving it and feeling like I just want to play Lianne.  I know I’m single, I know I don’t have kids.  I just needed to play her because she ‘s no bull shit.  She just does what she thinks and feels.  She has no regrets about that.  I thought, I want to play a role like that because it is so freeing.  Of course, though it is a lead role,  they are going to go with a celebrity.

I worked my butt off with my acting coach and from the first day to the day before I said I’m going to book this part.  He said just think those thoughts of the character when you’re sitting in the waiting room.  Don’t get in your head.  Don’t get intimidated by other fancy actors.  And I went in and Mike Young the writer/director was there.   We just hit it off.  I did my scene once and Mike said, “That’s it.  Thanks.”  And I thought that’s it, get out of the room!  I would have rather he said “That’s it.” I was so happy two weeks later.  I did not expect to book it. I really didn’t. I had no callback or anything.  I remember crying and calling my mom with such excitement saying, “I booked the lead role in a romantic comedy!”  All I wanted my whole life was be in romantic comedys.  It was a dream come true.  I know it sounds cheesy but it’s true.

Is this your first romantic comedy that you’ve been a part of?

I’ve actually been lucky to be in a couple.  I’ve always been the second or third banana – the best friend or the friend of the best friend. This is the first time I got to be a lead in a romantic comedy.  It was so exciting and terrifying at the same time. I knew I love this character and I don’t want to screw it up. I also don’t want to screw it up working with these actors! I want to look like I’m on their level.  It was great to be able to do that.  Yes I’m on their level.


You’re based in New York?

The movie was shot all over New York in Westchester County.  It was great to be local and not have to travel.

 What is the best part of playing this role?

Just her freedom.  She is very free with her words.  I loved getting to be that.  I did not love that she was totally into exercise because I’m not.  I had to do a scene where I did yoga and I remember panicking because my sister is a big yoga instructor in LA.  I thought, “Oh God, she’s going to call me and say, ‘That was horrible what you did!’, but luckily it was a split second in the movie.  Thank God, I got away with it! Downward dog and the tree pose.  I actually laughed and I said, “That’s basically all I can do.  I have no idea what I’m doing.”  That was the only thing I was a little bit nervous about.  I didn’t want people to say what is she doing?  She doesn’t look like she’s working out!

Did you have to learn yoga prior to the film?

A little bit.  The people in that scene were yoga experts too.  The background actors that was with us was great.  Some of them helped me.  I left feelng like I needed to go to the gym.  I walked away from the film feeling like I need to work out more!

Do you have any funny moments behind the scenes?

We definitely had some fun moments.  We had a children’s birthday party.  A lot of kids were background actors.  Kids say whatever they are thinking and feeling.  That’s why I love working with kids. They are so free.  I remember I had said something improved in the scene.  One of the little boys said, “I don’t believe what you’re saying.”  I remember laughing so hard.  I turned to Heidi and said, “I need to hire this kid as my acting coach.  He’s calling me out on my bulls***!”  It’s great because kids will say anything.  That was one of my favorite scenes.

Another fun moment was one of the last days in the movie, and my  first day of shooting. John Stamos was playing the guitar and singing.  Everyone was together. The whole cast was together.  That day was like magic because I had a moment where I looked at everybody. I was in hair and makeup and I looked at Michael Rapaport and John Stamos and I thought, “How the heck did I get here?  I am a lucky lady right now.”  I really am.  I just felt so fortunate. Even the crew was awesome.


Your character is so fun and quirky.  Do you see some of yourself in that character?

Yes, I would be a little more open to saying what I was thinking and feeling.  That stays with me, but not to the extent that Lianne was in.  I really felt she was a truthtalker.  Now that is who I am.  I started something on facebook called #truthtuesday.  In a way, I was sort of inspired.  It was the idea of just make your truth.  It doesn’t matter what it is.  Just say exactly what you are thinking and feeling.  Have no regrets about it.  Put it out there.  I love that I was able to come away with that and wanting to work out more.

 Do you have any future romantic comedies coming up?

Sadly no rom coms yet.  I’m dreaming of them doing a sequel.   I made a joke with Mike Young that “Can I please pregnant in the movie so I can wear maternity clothes rather than extra size clothes?”  I would love that.  We’ll see on that front  (laughing).

But I did a great pilot called FreakMe which is very funny.  Kind of a la The Office revolved around a team working in the porn industry but it’s very funny.  There’s no actual porn in the movie.  It’s a TV show.  Phone involving porn and this is the office that actually does it. I play a very religious character that believes she’s doing the Lord’s work by helping people get their freak on. It was so fun.  It was independently produced by an actor friend Guy Olivieri who wrote the script specifically for myself and five other actors, including Mindy Cohn from Facts of Life who played Natalie.  She was our missing puzzle piece when she came on board.  I love that I was so lucky to work with 80’s icons that are amazing actors – Mindy and John.  The pilot is being shopped around.  I’m hoping it will get picked up.

In the meantime, I’m auditioning and pounding the pavement, hoping someone wants the redhead quirky actress!

 Of course, we always want the redhead quirky actress!

I’m glad you do!

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