Joyful Noise Soundtrack is full of spiritual music

The Joyful Noise Soundtrack has got to be one of the most positive and uplifting soundtracks I have heard in a while. This is an album that grabs your attention immediately with the first song, “Not Enough”. Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah sound incredible and make a great duo on this opener but of course this song would not be complete with out the backing vocals of the choir.

This soundtrack also features the many vocal talents of Keke Palmer, Broadway star Jeremy Jordan, gospel icon Kirk Franklin, The Pacashau Sacred Divinity Choir, The Holy Vision Church of Detroit Choir, Our Lady of Perpetual Tears Choir, The Mighty High Choir, DeQuina Moore, Angela Grovey, Grammy nominated gospel singer Karen Peck, Andy Karl, and Kris Kristofferson.

There is not one song I dislike on the Joyful Noise Soundtrack. This is an album where you absolutely cannot… repeat cannot listen to a few select songs. The positive energy continues and keeps the listener wanting to hear the next following song. The songs that stuck out the most to me was the solo performance by Queen Latifah on “Fix Me Jesus” and the uplifting tune “Maybe I’m Amazed”. Every song is worth listening to and has something for everyone. I appreciate the hard work and dedication it took to record such an amazing and spiritual album. The listener will not be disappointed . With that said, my grade for the Joyful Noise Soundtrack is:  A+ all the way!

The Joyful Noise Soundtrack is currently available on the Watertower Music label and can be found on Amazon and ITunes